Thursday, July 31, 2014

Fun , knowledge & Good time in Varanasi, India

Voluteer Stefania Caracciolo & Matthias Hefti are preparing balloons for distributing our lovely school children.

Our Italian volunteers with our group children picture.

Children are in the class before starting daily education.

French Volunteers From Humanisol organization  are showing how performing water Energy and how we can use it.

French Volunteers from Humanisol organization are showing how we can use air energy.

Humanisol Team are showing us how we can use Fire energy from Sun.

Team members from Humanisol are explained about Water, Sun, Wind and Biomas and they also said how it is useful in our daily life.

Italian volunteers have distributed World Atlas and it is very useful for us .

Underprivileged Children are happy after receiving notebook from our centre.

Our small school student is very happy to see volunteer phone when using it for game.

Our volunteers are working in our school place .

Volunteers are dancing with our school children, good time .

Monday, June 16, 2014

June month with Volunteers & Birthday ....

Our Volunteer from Australia is cuting muskmelon to give the children at morning time .

Our Volunteer from Australia Mick Hazleman is supporting to solve our program in computer.

Our Volunteer Debbi Camron is teaching Math our school girls.

Children are taking Banana fruits at morning breakfast.

Volunteer Debbi is taking activity classes for the all children by drawing on the paper .

All the students have made beautiful drawing on the papers.

Children of our Varanasi NGO program is taking computer Practical classes on our desktop. 

Our another volunteer is teaching our school small children.

Our program all members + school children organized birthday celebration of our good volunteer Debbi Cameron from Australia. It was small surprise gift from us.

Children are taking part of the yummy birthday cakes.

Our volunteer is sharing the life of Australia and India with our young students.

Our Volunteer is teaching in the classroom our lovely children.

After finishing the class children and volunteer.

Photo shot mode in our children of the school.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Internship & non Internship volunteering work in Varanasi, India

Our Volunteer from Poland has made rice for serving to the kids.

Our Both volunteers are giving big foods to all children at afternoon Lunch time.

Our Volunteer is teaching how should to use camera our younger children of school and they are learning by heart as you can see in the picture.

Our Volunteers with our lovely children groups.

Our Volunteer from Australia she is teaching children how to recognize all modern vehicles name with picture by books.

Our another volunteer from Australia she is teaching to kids how to recognize arithmetic numbers 1,  2 , 3...

Picture of  Our Evening session children education program picture.

New session has started and we are filling forms of all new children for new session.

Children are waiting for their"s term for filling registration form.

Our Volunteer is teaching lovely small kids in the classroom.

Group picture in our reception with volunteers and younger children of the school.

Group of Older Girls are studying in the classroom. They are doing good performance  as you can see in the picture too.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Volunteers Paintaing Classroom, Teaching, Playing & Serving The Food for the Children

Volunteers from Germany & Spain  Ms Jenny &  Ms Taty Martinez Rodriguez are painting the Cupboard of the classroom . 

Spanish Volunteer Taty Martinez Rodriguez is painting our school bench with our Teacher.

Spanish Volunteer Mr. Jesus is painting school wall with full of happy mood.

Volunteer From United Kingdom Ms. Aphra Kennedy Fletcher is also painting with our other volunteers of the school bench.

UK Volunteer is drinking sip of Chain during the painting of the benches and classroom.

 Our both Volunteers are looking very energetic and happy with painting the classroom.

Our Volunteer From Germany Ms. Jenny is serving the food of Bhandara at the afternoon time of big meal.

Both UK Volunteers are teaching the  numbers to the young kids/childminder with game styles.

Children are taking fun and play with our Spanish Volunteers.

Our Italian Volunteer Marco is serving the food of Bhandra.

On the Durga pooja Occassion 9 small girls are eating.

Before Departure our good volunteers from UK Aphra, Ruba, Nathan & Clif is cutting farewell Cake, It was full of fun and memorable day.

It is group picture of all the school children and volunteers after farewell party.