Thursday, July 21, 2016

July 2016 India Varanasi slums & local children, Introduction video

Education for all Slum Children to Strengthen and encourage them, Training them, in a right path, Social and Economical, To identify to good studying in student’s send them to Higher Studies or entrepreneurs and grooming them with skills for setting up own shop. Like, handicraft , computer etc..

Innocent and lovely children from our Slums education center , Varanasi , India .

Capacity building programmer for all the student how to live, hygienic condition and safe drinking water , Environment Health Care,  immunization, play and recreation for the children .

Most of the Slums children living in the most backward urban slum, our aims to improving education status and make to them self depend how to read and write , Basic education . 

Children are in happy moods. 

boys and girls from our slums center are focusing in education program.

 It is photo time for our some slums children after finishing the class.

Happy & smart children from our local center.

Children are learning Dance from our  french Volunteer .

these kids are practicing famous Bollywood movie Baghi "s one famous song * Cham Cham Cham *

Lovely they are little but they are doing best in dancing :-)

Each others kids are making correction of dance steps.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

June 2016, Founder Somit with children

Children are in the classroom .

Kids are focusing in study.

They all are studying about the colors name .

Small boy is teaching Number 1- 100 all the children by help of Somit.

Teaching time children are serious as you can see in the picture.

Alphabet A to Z is teaching by these girl and whole class are speaking same.

Our volunteer is taking picture.

when volunteer take picture it fun time for them.

Everyone are giving best photo by style and smile.

Some children pictures with Somit.

Happy Children make happy society and nation with univers. 

Monday, May 16, 2016

May 2017 New Session for Volunteer & kids Education in Varanasi, India

Children are learning the value of hygienic.

They are cleaning their"s hand before taking the foods and our Volunteer Tiffani from USA is helping them.

 In our Evening education program with our friendly volunteer and kids are enjoying her presence in the classroom as you can see.

In our Yoga Education Training Society our guest and volunteers are doing yoga classes in under guidance of our yoga expert Mr. Somit.

Children and the volunteer is teaching complete foods rice, dal, sabzi , pickle in our foods program.

Very good moment when we have distributed bags for every child with school books, notebook, pen, pencil , eraser etc... with our volunteer Tiffani .

Distributing Bags to each children with our volunteer.

Om ( our Youngest student ) is very happy after getting his school dress .

We have colored the class room and after that one photo session.

Our Volunteer is very  happy after distributing the school bags.

We have distributed school bags with the help of our Volunteer Tiffani from United States of America.

In our Slums children gotten the school bags, notebook, eraser, scale , pen, pencil everyone.

One lovely self picture with our some slums student and volunteer for good memories.

Our slums Center kids are very happy with Volunteer Tiffani.

Our local center kids before starting the every morning class.

In our slums Center children are playing with our volunteers after the class.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

April 2016 beautiful moment with volunteers and kids in Varanasi, India

Our Volunteers and Guests are doing Yoga training in our Yoga Education Training Society on Roof top.

Our Volunteers is making beautiful design hair to our school children in happy mood.

Our Group Volunteers Visited in our local center and given love , energy and support .

In Navaratri ceremony children are taking foods .

In play time our school girl with volunteers .

Study time volunteer is teaching.

Our cute kids are very happy after getting new dress from our volunteers.

Volunteer is taking several photos of kids and showing them ...

Our small boy is very glad after getting color book because he loves to draw with colors.

Volunteer is trying to teach about photography.

Our volunteer is teaching in our classroom .

Volunteer is teaching in very play style and children are taking it in good way.

Children are cleaning hands before taking morning foods from our center.

Our Morning yoga session and here peoples are doing meditation .

Our volunteer is making foods for everyone by kitchen.