Monday, March 17, 2014

Celebrating Holi.

Over the last week we have been celebrating Holi, the colour festival, with the children at our center, with our latest volunteers, Amanda and Jason from the USA and Jesus from Spain. 
Amanda and Jason organised a Bhandra (a big meal) for all of the 45 children to have together. It was a wonderful contribution from them to us and the children. The meal was a feast of rice, dal, vegetable curry with cheese and poppadoms. 
We and the children are very grateful and thankful to all the volunteers for their work and support at this event. Below are some pictures of the festivities. 

Monday, March 10, 2014

B.H.U. & Canada Students / Volunteers are giving love

 Benaras Hindu University students are distributing clothes for the the our education program"s children.

Our volunteer Daniela Aqueveque from Chile with our school girls.

Saraswati Education Center , Canadian students group have visited with their"s 3 teachers in these group total member was 26, Our school children given warm welcome by garland.

 Our Canada Volunteer is very happy, it was her first time when someone given warm welcome with garland & love.

 Some Children and student of Canada took many pictures for keeping a good memories.

Varanasi volunteering program"s student and Canada school student are playing Chair game for fun and exchange the energy and love.

In these Chair game every step some loose and win but here we tried to show about the love , one canada student took one Indian child on their"s lap. It was really good time.

Our Volunteers are giving present to our small student.

 Full Photo session of the all volunteers on the roof top Bowl Of Compassion, It was huge and friendly group. We all have enjoyed lovely moment.

Canadian students are listening about the Indian Dance and after that she tried to teach her but she could not understand i said her already that she can visit next time too .

I am giving here Introduction of Varanasi and life style to all Canadian groups.

One our Canadian group student was playing our school children and they both are enjoying of fun in life.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Classroom & Supported one poor family girl"s marriage ....

In our classroom Children are studying and watching white board during there math class.

Small kids are listening the English poem by teacher.

Our Volunteer from USA is teaching Match Subject and asking who can solve it and children are raising their"s hand to be first it was very interesting way to teach these kids.

Volunteer is teaching on the board and our regular teacher is supporting  him for translating the topics.

One Poor family"s girl is going to marry but being financial problem ... we supported and our volunteer from USA , Francine Popkin Donated Rice, Mustard oil , Refined oil and marriage shoes for the Bride , We are really thankful her kindness support, These family has invited too Francine Popkin in marraige ceromony for blessing to new Bride & Groom.

Mother of Groom with our volunteer Francine Popkin from USA.

We brought all Rice , Mustard & Refined oil  to Groom house and before that one snap in happy mood with our volunteer.

Our lovely Varanasi children from our classroom.

It is the beauty of Varanasi it also called Subhae Banaras. It is amazing to see sunrise by walk / boat every morning. 

Friday, January 31, 2014

Children Education in the class & Streets Dog"s feeding.

Our Volunteer is helping for coloring our small student girl.

It is group picture of evening children and our French volunteers.

French Volunteers is solving maths problem in the school with the kids.

Group picture of the kids and volunteers from UK.

Volunteers from UK is handling 8 kids and teaching English language.

During the teaching our volunteers unable to translate so our regular teacher is translating in Hindi to the kids.

Our volunteer is teaching dress accessories to our kids with our library books.

Our Street animals caring program volunteer Lorence has given good energy for supporting and helping one sick puppy.

Our area some new street dogs came so cute picture with puppies and mother.

Our members are finding the streets dogs for the feeding around the area.

Our member is giving chicken to all the streets dogs afternoon time.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

X-Mas & New Year 2014

On the X-Mas day morning time we went for distributing warm clothes.

Near the Ganga just opposite the lane poor peoples we have donated blanket.

 Same day early morning we distributed Jeans Trousers to poor peoples around the ganga.

Our Society Member and volunteers are giving warm blanket these old lady .

 Volunteers are playing with the kids, they all are happy.

 Both Volunteers from UK given there best energy in our program.

 X-Mas Occasion Children made X-Mas Tree on the paper it look beautiful as u can see in these picture.

 X-Mas & New year we have decorate whole house with the volunteers and given present to the kids.

Full Group Picture with kids and the volunteers from our organization.

It is one snap when teacher was not in the class and i was attending in place of teacher.