Sunday, June 24, 2018

International Yoga Day 2018 / In India Yoga Class / Varanasi India Yoga training / Yoga for Everyone

kids from Varanasi Volunteering and Yoga program are doing Snake pose .

Camel pose they are doing very good as you can see it :-)

Child pose for taking in middle of Asanas, short rest .

Kids are doing meditation .

Small kids are doing but they are doing like game :-)

These little girl most of time  , We say close your eyes but she is looking by one eyes :-)

Our Trainer is helping to do right pose .

It is the children life and these life everyone wish to get good height , so Tadasan ( palm tree )  helping to improve height .

After the Tadasan kids are doing second time.

Teacher is explaining the benifit of Palm tree to the kids.

Our founder Somit is teaching all the kids technique of meditation and pranayama on the roof top .

We have finished our International day Yoga 2018 by last asanas it call Savasan ( dead pose )
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Saturday, June 16, 2018

June 2018 Volunteer from USA & Japan in India , Varanasi / Varanasi Social work

Our Children picture from the classroom.

Volunteer and kids in introduction time in Varanasi,  India.

Volunteer is teaching to lovely little kids.

During the teaching , our volunteer teacher is explaining also and kids are taking it seriously .

Japanese volunteer is giving classwork to the kids of Varanasi volunteer & yoga program, India.

All kids are excited to check their"s classwork to our volunteer teacher from United States Of America.

In photo session some kids with our smiling and friendly volunteer from USA. 

Thursday, June 7, 2018

India Volunteer program 2018 / India Volunteering in Varanasi

With our lovely little girl with Volunteer.

Little girl is giving Hug to our volunteer.

Our another little girl with volunteer in photo session .

Volunteer is giving candy to lovely children and very glad.

Volunteer is giving every kids candy and she is very happy .

Volunteer is giving hug to our girl .

Our education center boy is giving hug and taking picture in victory pose :-)

Lovely kids are giving hug, It looks like very friendly and happy moods .

Handshake giving by volunteer to our lovely kids of the education society.

It was happy and good time all the kids have enjoyed these moment with our volunteer.

In the last picture of these time with Kids and volunteer before departure of the city .

Sunday, June 3, 2018

June 218 , In India , Varanasi free Education Program for poor families kids

Kids are in the classroom of Varanasi Volunteering and yoga program .

In Happy mood these Children .

These 3 Children has obtain First , Second and third position in the classroom .

They are supporting other kids .

These Children are sending the message to all humans that every child has right to play and enjoy the childhood .

Morning prayer is doing by lovely kids .

Varanasi we have summer time and very hot so they want to drink Sprite :-)

Hot weather Cold drink give happiness :-)

Photo session they are making happy faces :-)

Serious time in the classroom during study time :-)

Evening session kids are also studying they come everyday at evening time in our center .

These clothes has send by abroad our volunteer and we have distributed and every kids are very glad to get it .
Thanks and if you come Varanasi staying anywhere & if you take interest to join / visit us then welcome .