Thursday, October 18, 2018

Volunteer Intern Travel in Varanasi, India / Varanasi India Volunteering

Japanese Volunteer has gotten Henna by our school girls and very glad .

By the Helping of our sponsor These boy has gotten Half yearly  Examination Result .

Good Marks has gotten these boy in Half Yearly Examination 2018 . Thanks our sponsor and Tuition teacher .

We are coloring all little girls foots .


In Navartri , Every year we organize Kanya Poojan ( worship of girls ) so we do first coloring the all girls foots with red color.

We  have distributed all girls foods .

It was very good time with the lovely girls from our school to share with them special pooja ( Worship ) program .

Finally we have done Astami Kanya poojan with the under guidance of our expert priest . Thanks all Volunteers , team members for their"s effort , love and support . 

Friday, October 12, 2018

Incredible Varanasi With Guests and Lovely Kids in Volunteering Program

Evening Ceremony on the Dasaswamedh Ghat ( Main Ghat ) Varanasi with 5 Priest and many visitors .

Lots of Peoples on Dasashwamedh ghat , One of the famous ghat of Varanasi and it is the beauty of the Evening time .

Team members of Yoga Education Training Society, Varanasi , India with the our Guests .

Volunteer has donated little bag and these little kid was absent on that day so now getting.

Lovely girl , she was also not on distribution day so now getting her favorite color bag.

Boy is glad to get the present from School .

2 Happy little friends they are very good and very smart girls live together and fighting together also :-)

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Studying room / Volunteering helping / Japanese & Dutch Volunteer in Varanasi, India

Japanese Volunteer is teaching in the classroom of Saraswati Education Center run by Yoga Education Training Society , Varanasi, India .

Deeply focusing by the kids in the classroom and following the instruction of the Volunteers .

In our Yoga Education Training Society , Students are doing Yoga classes in under guidance of Somit ( Yoga Instructor ) .

Doing Relaxing Asanas after the yoga session at morning time in our yoga studio, Varanasi, India .

Exciting time for the all the kids because they guessed that something here for gift of them .

Volunteer from Netherlands has given many presents for girls and boys .

Our Very Friendly Volunteer from Netherlands is distributing beautiful girl"s purse  and for the boys Bat - Ball .

All Girls and boys have gotten different different Presents / Gifts .

Little girl is very glad and all the children are so happy after getting the lovely presents from our Netherlands Volunteer .

All the kids Morning and the evening they have received the present from Volunteer.

Very happy kids with the Badminton presented by volunteer from Netherlands . 

Monday, October 8, 2018

Volunteer is sharing love and compassion in India Volunteering Program

Happy Volunteer family from China has visited in our Varanasi, India Program.

Happy little kids on the shop during buy the clothes.

Volunteer from Netherlands is helping these little kids in the dress measurement .

After selecting the clothes happy volunteer and guest :-)

Now little boy is happy after selecting his best one dress from the shop :-)

Volunteer with the happy kids.

After shopping of the clothes from the market .

Kids and Volunteer in photo session .

Kids are saying thanks to our volunteer from Netherlands and we want to say also thank you :-)

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Volunteering in India / Volunteer work in Varanasi, India 2018 / Varanasi Ngo

Volunteer from France Visited work with the kids in last day we have organized one Party .

Farewell Cake For Lorian ( From France ) , He has given lovely best time in Varanasi India with our Varanasi Volunteer & Yoga Program.

These Program has organized before Sunset in our local center , near of Yoga Education Training Society , Varanasi, India .

Happy Children from our free education program with these party .

Volunteer is very glad with these lovely kids.

Kids and Lorian together celebrating farewell party .

Emotional moment for the Lorian before leave but we hope he will remember all the kids love with compassion .

Volunteer is sharing the Cakes with lovely children of our center in Varanasi, India .

Most Youngest Volunteer from China has visited and after the class enjoying the phone with our Member .

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Yoga Education Training Society , Varanasi, India / Yoga Training By Somit for Guests and Ngo Kids .

On the Roof Top of Yoga Education Training Society Guests are doing Yoga steps by our Yoga instructor Somit .

Yoga Students from USA are doing Nauka aasan on the roof top of Yoga Education Training Society , Varanasi, India in under guidance of Yoga Instructor Somit . 

Our Free school for street poor and slums children school kids are doing meditation courses from our Yoga Teacher Somit . 

 Boys are doing best meditation on our roof top .

Good picture click in morning time from the Varanasi Volunteer and Yoga Program .

Small yogis practicing meditation first level in Yoga Education Training Society , Varanasi, India .