Wednesday, January 10, 2018

January 2018 with Volunteers and kids in Slums Education and local Ngo India , Varanasi

In Varanasi Volunteering and ngo program for providing free education with volunteers and kids.

Japanese Volunteers are taking introduction in our local center of the kids and they feel gald to meet .

Japanese Volunteers are teaching how to make different types of paper craft and kids are really taking interest to make boat , flowers, kites ... etc... it call Origami...  in Japanese language.

In our local center kids are very happy moment and photo session time :-)

Happy Foods we serve to the kids . Actually Everyday we try to give them different different foods and kids they love mostly Chinese foods :-)  for example Noodles , Pasta etc.

Our Founder is distributing morning foods to our lovelyl kids of the education point in Varanasi.

It is the pictures of when we are giving school pencils to lovely kids from our local center for  street poor and slums children free education in Varanasi, India .

With the Guidelines of our regular teacher , Japanese volunteer is helping in the classroom .

Volunteers and Children are taking foods all together , It is one beautiful moment of our place and we are thankful for the volunteers and our team members for sharing the foods with the kids .

Before Departure of our Volunteer from Japan he has done short term help in the educaiton point with sharing love and comapssion in Varanasi, India .

Birthday Celebration of our Founder Somit and Celebrating with volunteers and friends in local center , Varanasi, India.

Our slums School in Varanasi, India , Visited by French Volunteer second time .

As usual kids are happy with them and taking pictures.

These photogenic boys always want pictures moods and they love specially when someone visit second time . Thanks our Volunteer for visiting second time here and showing your love , compassion and support.

Morning time when we distribute the foods then always We pray and same we teach to the children also so that  they could understand the value of Foods and mother earth .

After praying kids are happy moods in peace with natural smile .

During the study time we take the pictures when we were teaching them about the body parts name.

Japanese Volunteer is teaching the class about the earth and all the planet with some Japanese words.

It is Picture of Christmas time .
Thanks everyone for supporting us in 2017 and we hope in 2018 you will do same with us and give us your blessing , energy and power to bring some difference in positive way . 

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Christmas celebration & Ending of 2017 , Varanasi NGO

Our Volunteers have visited in slums.

These boys recognized our Volunteer , He is coming Every Christmas and kids want to take picture :-)

Girls are giving hair design to our volunteer and volunteer is also enjoying it :-)

Our Kids is in the Education society on Christmas day :-)

He is the performer of Monkey Dance and Drama.

Children are Enjoying the fun time on Christmas on Saraswati Educaiton Center , Varanasi , Volunteering program, India .

Everyone are watching :-)

Introduction time of Monkey with Everyone :-)

children are waiting to meet with monkeys :-)

Volunteers are distributing Cakes and Samosa on Christmas day to the Children of Varanasi :-)

Children on our Roof top , Weather was super perfect and good in Christmas day :-)

It is the picture of our Slums center , Varanasi , India .

Children are enjoying the Cakes and Samosa on Christmas Day in our Slums Center of kids, Varanasi, India :-)

Volunteers and Children are Enjoying Christmas Special foods in our Slums Center , Varanasi, India.

Lovely kids of Slums Center are Taking the foods.

Our local Center Volunteers are giving Foods .

Volunteers are giving regular foods in our center.

We  have distributed Rice, Dal, Vegetable for all the children of Varanasi Volunteer and yoga program, India .

We Taught all the kids that before taking the foods Praying to god for thanks these life and foods .

Kids are accepting the yummy foods. 

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

friendly children are decorating hair

In our Slums Center Older girls are giving hair decoration to our Volunteer from Belgium , She is coming Continue 2 years in Varanasi at Christmas time :-) with us .

Thursday, December 21, 2017

December 2017 in Varanasi NGO Slums Centre

Volunteer is checking the work of these little boy.

Children of Slums Centre are making drawing on the white paper .

They all are trying to do best in drawing.

Nice drawing they are making .

Indian Kids make and they eager to show their"s work to our volunteer and get good marks with sign.

Happy mood our Volunteer with kids of Slums Centre and volunteer with our local center kids from the classroom.

Abhay our Slums Centre boy has made greeting card for our volunteer and it look nice :-)

Kids are waiting for the chocolate and snacks.

Our Volunteers are giving candy and snacks in our slum centre.

Our volunteer from Finland is leaving and it is picture before departure from local center kids classroom.

Volunteer from Finland is feeling very glad with the children of slums and kids are also enjoying .

Every Children are doing Classwork in notebook and bringing for correction.

Our helping teacher of Class has made drawing for our Finland Volunteer.

Slums School kids are focusing the class.