Sunday, April 15, 2018

April 2018 , Indian Ngo for the street Children free education program

Children are solving math on the paper.

These Girl is doing math on the solving paper , it is simple subtractions , Addiction etc.

Some kids are walking around the classroom .

Children are Enjoying Summer drink , It is very famous it call Barf Cola :-)

Happy Children are drinking , Ice Cola .

All the kids from Varanasi Volunteering and yoga program are enjoying the drinks.

Picture with lovely kids and team member.

Children with School Cooler :-)

Children from our Ngo are doing Meditation in activity classes.

Saturday, March 31, 2018

March 2018 , Varanasi, India , Volunteers and kids result of the school .

In our Bowl of Compassion , Japanese guests are taking foods .

Our Education Center these girl Priya Kanujiya , Last year by the help of Volunteers we have admitted her in Regular school 1st Standard and successfully she has qualified and it is her result performance .

Priya Tiwari has also qualified in 4th Standard last year by the help of the sponsor we have admitted her in regular school . 

Our local center when volunteer was taking pictures .

After getting the Volunteer is very glad to do Signature in the notebook of the kids.

Volunteer from Japan is teaching to the kids of Saraswati Education Center , Varanasi, India.

Japanese Guests / Volunteer is helping to teach craft in the classroom of poor , street and slum children.

Volunteer is giving math work to the children.

Fruits , Vegetable & Flowers names are on the wall and kids are asking about it , Volunteer is looking it for confirmation .

Our last year one of the most talented kids , His name is Janu Kanaujia and he has gotten very good marks in the U.K.G Class , His ranking is 1st ,
              We are heartily thanks of the all donors of these project who has given encourage and power to provide them best and better education. We need your blessing , Prayer for these 3 students 
1. Priya Kanujiya ( These year she will be in 2nd standard )

2. Priya Tiwari     ( These year she will be in 5th Standard )

3. Janu Kanujiya  ( These year he  will be in 1st Standard )
          We hope you will give continuously your support , donation and help for the project . 

Friday, March 23, 2018

March 2018 , Yoga , Volunteering for Children in Slums and Local NGO, Varanasi, India

Meditation and Yoga classes every morning & evening time are going on by Yoga Education Training Society , Varanasi by Somit .

In Classroom Volunteer is teaching to our lovely kids and full of focus .

Volunteer is checking notebook of children.

Classwork is giving by helping volunteer to lovely kids .

Both volunteers are helping with our regular teacher in classroom of Sarasawati Education Center .

In activity time kids are in full enjoy and fun with volunteer.

All lovely kids are making boat, rose etc by papers.

Happy kids during the craft activity in the class.

Our Slum center kids and volunteers taking introduction each other.

Volunteer is giving work and looking the levels of the children.

Fully support with focus is providing our friendly volunteer .

Volunteer is giving whole kids classwork.

Volunteer is giving smile and fun during the class .

Volunteer is playing game with Slums center small kids.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

February 2018 good time with Volunteers and kids

Our school kids has gotten first ranking in competition of Varanasi School . 

Happy Volunteer and kids in full of fun time .

Very good volunteer is taking class with the kids .

full attention is giving by our volunteer in class room.

Children are giving respect to our volunteer and doing best in education.

Volunteer from United Kingdom is giving nail polish to the kids of varanasi volunteer.

founder with the volunteers in the classroom .

On the Roof top kids are learning how to make handicrafts.

Group pictures of the kids from Varanasi volunteers and yoga program in India .

In the classroom with volunteers our lovely children from education group.

by full of good heart and children are learning full of devotion the handicraft of Varanasi.

in Shivaratri Organized ritual and it was full night program in our local center.

Donated the clothes in our Slums center by volunteers U.k.