Sunday, December 9, 2018

Get together and Studying time in Slum Varanasi , India / Volunteers are in Slum

Most of the kids in the Slums they come everyday in our evening free education program , Varanasi India.

Volunteers are showing their"s affection and love .

Volunteers are making Good pictures for our record in Slum Center , Varanasi , India .

Photographer volunteer is explaining about how the kids can grow up and they can be also one photographer .

One Little kids want to be photographer and stand up move to our volunteer for hand shake :-)

Volunteer is teaching our lovely children Hindi Alphabet and it is useful for the volunteer also in same time :-)

Volunteer is glad with these little baby on her lap .

Elder Kids are teaching small kids in our Slums Center , Varanasi, India .

After finish the classwork kids are showing their"s work to our volunteers.

These little girl is writing on the wall about the numbers .

Children from Slum are little sad when volunteers are going and will come back in next time or next year .

Same time Volunteers are also sad with the kids but glad also that each side have gotten memorable experience of life and we will meet again . Thank you very much Volunteers . 

Friday, December 7, 2018

Volunteering in the Slum Teaching in Varanasi , India /

It was an absolute pleasure to meet such compassionate and eager .

Our Active International Volunteers in Slums center .

Happy Volunteers are helping to teach the lovely kids from Slum Center of Varanasi Volunteering and  yoga program .

Photographer is doing great job in our Children school of Varanasi , It is situated in Slums area .

Volunteer is solving the program of the classroom with the slums center monitor .

Kids are performing the drama in the Slums school of Varanasi, India .

Helping regular teacher is teaching in the classroom of Slums school .

Volunteers from Switzerland are glad to see the progress of the kids.

In our Local school below of the accommodation ( Somit Paying Guest House ) kids are studying .

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Internship, Fellowship & Volunteering in India , Varanasi / grassroots organization in Varanasi , India

 In open area of Slums Center , Kids from slums families are studying in evening classes .

Currently we have 48 Children are coming everyday in Slums .

In the first entry Volunteers are looking their"s life and kids are doing same.

Volunteers around the world they also visit their"s life and giving their"s blessing and happiness.

After expending Few hours Children from the Slums center and Visitors from Europe became very good friend .

Volunteer is showing the camera to the kids .

As usual kids always wish to get pictures and volunteer is doing same .

Luckily in these time we had one volunteer and he is  professional camera man and taken superb pictures of slums and lovely kids of slums , Varanasi, India .

After taking the pictures Volunteer is showing how does they look . Thanks all Volunteers and visitors . 

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Volunteer Trip in Varanasi India / Volunteering Tour in Varanasi

Our Friendly Volunteers have visited 3 rd time in last 9 years . In these moment we have expended good time . 

Kids they have organized welcoming program for the volunteers .

Children are Offering to volunteers  fresh garland of flowers .

Aarti is doing by our education center little girls to volunteers.

Introduction time with our new school kids to old volunteers in Varanasi Volunteering &  Yoga Program .

Volunteers are very glad to giving their"s introduction to the kids of Saraswati Education Center run by Yoga Education Training Society , Varanasi, India .

Volunteers giving Free pictures to each kids .

every Children are waiting for their"s picture to receive direct photo .

After getting the pictures kids are trying to dry the pictures so that their"s image could come faster and clearer :-) 

Monday, December 3, 2018

Non Profit Organization in Varanasi City , India / Ngo in Varanasi , India

Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart .

You can see kids are taking every direction of the volunteers seriously .

New volunteers are invited to participate in an orientation to learn more about the Saraswati Education Center Run by Yoga Education Training Society "s Food for the Poor Program and our many volunteer opportunities.

Kids are showing Thanks the god , all the donors, Volunteers for these opportunity of foods.

With the Kids Volunteer is also learning the way of life in India .

Nice picture has taken by our team member before accepting the foods.

Students from local colleges, high schools, and middle schools are encouraged to help out, individually and in groups. of volunteer your expertise! Business and government executives are encouraged to contribute in- kind: to volunteer their talent for various projects to benefit poor and hungry Children .

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Volunteering Opportunities Varanasi, India / The aim is to educate these Lovely Children

Distributed Drawing Notebook and coloring to lovely children from our local center in Varanasi, India.

Varanasi Morning Ceremony for praying Mother Ganga and rising Sun , Welcome in Incredible beauty of Varanasi , India .

Welcoming Volunteers in our Center .

Happy kids are offering Garland and Aarti for the lovely children of Varanasi , Volunteering Program

Volunteer is super happy and giving warm welcome .

Good moment early morning , Volunteers from USA has visited in our local center , Varanasi, India.

We are Thankful of our volunteers for love , compassion and support.
The aim of this organization is to reform education in Varanasi, India .