Monday, December 27, 2010

Donation Charity Program & Merry Christmas

We had a full and happy week in Varanasi with our children and volunteers. It has started with the peaceful music concert and donation bazaar on the river bank when musicians from different countries played music and many people gathered and spent nice time together drinking chai and soup. All the event was organized by the volunteers.
Few days later, we already started work on the Christmas party for the kids. 51 children were playing and dancing together with the volunteers, then prepared and ate happily chocolate balls and fruits salad.
2010 was good year many volunteer came and brought their smiles and energy. We hope for another inspiring year wish everybody A Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

varanasi, India, bomb blast...and Barkha....

I am sending picture of Barkha with other kids and volunteer so that you could this picture barkha is in left side with one other girl.
Here in Varanasi terrorist has attacked holy and powerful place on the bank of ganga evening pooja ceremony. By blessing of god two people has died and lots of people injured. In this accident our school two selling postcard girl has also effected name is Versha and Barkha, they usually go every morning sunrise time and evening pooja ceremony time and selling postcard and help in her family Bomb blast day also went, Versha has shortly injured but Barkha was admitted in hospital for continue 4 days because it effected her hand and head but now she is recovering but still now she fear because it was big accident happened with this innocent girl....
we are happy that all people are together in this circumstances and not fearing it is very good reply to all terrorist who tried to disturb Varanasi and whole world, that we never fear…
These days school is running everyday morning and evening time, evening time i teach all the kids and morning time volunteer are coming our last volunteer was form Israel.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Diwali festival with Children

we have celebrated Diwali festival with children and our two volunteers Sayaka from Japan and Uma from Korea, Children have learned music in Diwali festival singing and also played cracker we have used only light cracker, we have given message about the Diwali festival and said to the children it is festival of light and it teach us that how truth and light wins always so we all should to follow truth in our life....
Uma has organized a musical program and sat sang ( spiritual program ) for the children... you can see in the Video...
at current time children are coming at two times morning and evening time. totally 51 children are registered still now... we are waiting for the new volunteers.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Survey for slum"s children

In 1st picture our all volunteers with some slums children In 2nd picture Claudius and Annabel with children In 3rd picture Somit is teaching all kids.
In this last few days of this month we are doing survey work for working slums children and our 4 volunteers are also helping. their name are Claudius and Annabel from Germany, Kito Dias form Brazil, Linda from Netherlands. Our main aim was here for sending message in the society and everywhere that education is very important for the children and also we explained the kids that if they will take education then they would be more smart and everyone will give respect.
in first day of Survey we went morning time at Raja Ghat and we looked there some children are making clay pots for selling we all talked with them and they said they do't want to come because they have no money we explained them we are from NGO and we give free education and better life guideline after knowing these lines they excited and said please talked our father after discuss he has also agreed. Same day evening time we went near Dasaswamedh ghat and collected some kids who were selling postcard and begging. Our all Volunteers have given very good support with us . Thanks a lot for your kind help, still now children are coming and getting education morning and evening time.

Monday, September 6, 2010

India , Varanasi, slums area visited

Five days ago we visited the slum area and distributed food. We also taught them basic hygiene methods (simple washing techniques). With help from our Indian volunteer from Delhi we were able to teach personality development techniques, and have gained positive results from this one day programme. Washing hands with soap is not new but knowing the correct way of using soap and cleaning hands is a great experience," said Shubham, (one of our students who lives in the slums area ) he has now helped a number of slum children, including girls, showing them the correct way to go about it. "Proper hand washing requires soap and only a small amount of water, one should cover wet hands with soap, scrub all the surfaces and rinse thoroughly with running water. The hand parts, including palms, back and especially the area under the fingernails must be thoroughly cleaned," added the young lad like a trained student.
I hope our program will helpful for them and in the near future we plan on organizing more new programmes for changing their lifestyle. Just simple steps like this create a better life for the children and in turn a better future/prospects.
We currently have no volunteers and greatly welcome any help in any possible way. Any ideas or suggestions you may have are also helpful so please feel free to help in any way.

Right now the weather in Varanasi is little hot, anyway looking forward to any help in anyway and we will keep you posted.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Snake festival & Independence day Celebrated

This month we celebrated the Snake festival, the famous festival in Varanasi that honors the snake part of Shiva, as well as Independence Day with good energy and lots of fun.

1st picture - Volunteers are distributing clothes to children 2nd picture - Volunteers are distributing biscuits, candy, pens, and pencils
3rd picture - We are all singing the national anthem
4th picture - Volunteers are distributing clothes to children 5th picture - The children are taking part in the program
6th picture - Snake man is showing the game of the snake for the Snake Festival

For the last 2 weeks our volunteers from France, Vincent & Capucine, have given very important, meaningful time and energy to the kids. At the present time we have no volunteers. The program continues on with children coming in the morning and also afternoon. Your support and encouragement is greatly appreciated.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Print media came in our NGO,Varanasi

Varanasi print media came to our establishment to experience what we do and they have published poor, slums children education work articles in the English newspaper, HINDUSTAN TIMES on July 22. We are all very excited about it. Please read what they have written about our work.

We were fortunate to have 4 volunteers at that time. Currently, we have no volunteers, but are hopeful that we will find more soon. Children are coming everyday and we all are happy. I am also working hard with all of them.

We have a fundraiser coming up on July 31 that was organized by Carla Van Laar, a volunteer from Australia. Thank you for your work Carla!

Event Link- Bollywood Musical Market Party
date- 31th July at 8:00pm - Sunday at 12:00am
Location -
aHa Sudio and Gallery Brunswick
311 Victoria St
Brunswick, Australia
If you or any of your friends live in Australia, please tell them about this special event

Sunday, June 27, 2010

school information of India

Our summer program has finished and we are now preparing for our new season that will begin Thursday, July 1st to mirror the new season that always starts in July in India. We have many eager new students, but need more volunteers to accommodate as many children as possible. Our dream project is moving forward with your support and encouragement.

Above are some pictures of summer vacation with the volunteers and kids.
Picture 1 - Somit is with two children that live in the slums
Picture 2 - Two children playing
Picture 3 - Three slum children
Picture 4 - Somit with Japanese Volunteer, Sayaka
Picture 5 - Volunteer Mr. Bryan Snell from USA, Amit,
Chelsea & Somit
Picture 6 - Children are playing with balloons
Picture 7 - Volunteer Madam Cynthia with some children
Picture 8 - Volunteer Chelsea with kids

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

summer vacation for children & new season

Varanasi is now heating temperature is running nearly 46-49 degree so we have decided to give holiday to children at least one an half weeks after we will see if weather be fine then we can restart... new season for the kids will also start form that time ... some more new kids want to come and they do't want to wait... right now we have not any volunteer and we are finding new volunteer if they could join us ... we welcome ....

Friday, April 9, 2010

Examination & Child Sponsorship Charity , India , Varanasi

Everyone as usual like others year we have also taken yearly examination's children, i am sure children did best. These 4 children has grown up and we want to give them high level education for them . We are finding if someone take interest in this any one for Sponsorship then it will be great.
First girl name is Monica she sells postcard on the bank on Ganga , helping in family by money, but in education she is very good never she absent the school.
Second girl name is Versha she is sister of Monica and also she sells postcard on the bank on Ganges and both sister helps in their"s family. Both sister want to be a good human person and want to survive life in better way with their"s family .
Third girl name is Reshmi she is 14 years old and she cleans other peoples house as a servant. After getting good education she wants to be Teacher.
Fourth student name is Rahul . he is 13 years old and he works on shop and shop honor do very bad behave with him. because he is very poor, but he is full of self respect, i have noticed when he comes in school and sit alone he cried, i have noticed many times and one day i asked him and then he explained .... so right now i help for his food also.
All 4 children parents are uneducated, so they can not get a good job. they all helping....
i hope someone will come in front for help and will take responsibility of sponsorship.
if you have any question or want to help or want to do sponsorship then feel free to write us , on our gmail accont-

Thursday, March 18, 2010

volunteer teacher india, varanasi

Here is in picture you can see Mr. john from USA . He worked as a computer teacher in India Varanasi volunteer school, Saraswati Education Center. Everyday he is coming evening time and teaching all kids. All children also feeling very happy to learn computer classes from Mr. John because he teaches very interesting style with fun. As you can see in the picture also. Very soon Mr. john will leave Varanasi.
So we are also sad but we are waiting for other volunteers, let see. This is very good experience for the street kids because before they did not experience it. Weather is going hot here but not too much and festival is running here Durga festival. After few days we will start children examination so we are also now focusing their course material so that they could perform more better. Children also doing hard work every morning & evening time they are coming here getting education and after they are going their work. I hope soon we will success to stop their"s work because it is child labor and it is not good so this reason still now we are collecting fundraising for new land where we will make unique school for better education, shelter , education job for the kids & volunteer accommodation.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Children with volunteer

last few days here we had 5 volunteer in the school Thierry Rabouam , Cecile Rabouam, Celestinc Rabouam, Charlotte Rabouam, Pat Rabouam... with these volunteer children has taken lots of fun and they also have taught children . yesterday we went ganga other side with volunteers and children and we organised there football match... actually children they never play in open place and not football so every children they liked it too much ... and football match middle time they have also distributed fruit juice, biscuit, we all played and enjoy this good memory in our mind ... we went ganga other side by the Boat. we hired a boat for 3 hours.
After returned from there they went to buy one Computer desktop. This desktop Thierry, Cecile, Celestinc, Rabouam, Charlotte & Pat have given donation for the children because they could learn computer. Thank you very much for this donation. it will be very good for the children progress. In future we will try to increase more computer for the children and also will work more good for the project.. Again thank you.

Friday, January 15, 2010

New year & Varanasi, India ( we welcomed )

First to all of you HAPPY NEW YEAR -2010
After 1st January weather has changed so much now Varanasi is very cold and temperature is arround 5 degree and sometime less than 5 degree. This weather is very cool for us. now lots of children is sick being cold weather... school is also close right now. We have decided to reopen school again at 18th January . If weather will be good....