Friday, December 30, 2016

December 2016 , Ending of year with X-Mas & Lovely Children , Volunteers, Varanasi, India

Our Classroom from, Local Center children are very happy.

Our volunteer from Israel is giving full focus in teaching.

Volunteer is teaching every kids by funny method.

Slums education , student with our volunteers.

Volunteers brought pictures of our children. It is big poster and adhesive on the wall .

Every kids of slums are very excited to see their"s big poster on the wall in smiling faces :-)

Kids do"t want to leave the volunteers. So they want more pictures and more time with our Friendly Volunteers.

On X-Mas Occasions we have decorate our education center.

In our local center Children are in happy way with our Volunteers from France.

X-Mas Festival We have decorated in our slums center, It looks awesome as you can see in the pictures.

In our slums Education program, All families enjoyed the Christmas Festival.

We have distributed with our volunteers special foods in slums.

These foods have taken by everyone in slums.

It was big rush in Slums so we have made one row with children and started to distribute cake and samsosa..

Children are waiting of their"s term for getting Christmas foods.

Last moment taking the pictures outside of Slums with the volunteers and children.

Our local center we have celebrated with Australian volunteer.

Volunteer with our local center girls with smiling face.

Volunteer with our children giving hug with full of good energy.

One picture with decoration in our slums.

After decoration all kids and volunteers are sitting together.

Guest is showing her work of Australia.

In Photo session some kids from our classroom.
Thanks everyone for continuously support and love , This is last post for year 2016, Wishing you all Very Happy & Prosperous * Happy New Year 2017 * .

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Hygenic Month with Volunteers in our both Center, Varanasi, India 2016

Our Japanese Volunteer is teaching about how to keep clean in our slums education center, Varanasi, India.

In our local center Saraswati Education Center , Japanese Volunteer is teaching about the importance of soap & cleaninng hand before foods.

Our 3 Friendly Volunteers have expended super time with kids & all children are enjoying these moments.

In Slums center Children are using the soap for cleaning the hand , it has distributed by our Japanese volunteer.

Some children with Japanese volunteers with cleaning hand  slogans.

Everyone are very happy with soap in slums center.

Now they know the value of cleaning hand before foods.

Our Volunteer from  Netherland  is taking introduction to children of slums.

Our Yoga Education Training Society , Varanasi, India .  Students are taking morning yoga session on roof top by our Yoga Instructor Mr. Somit.

Very good pictures has taken by our volunteers when our Yoga Instructor Mr. Somit was taking yoga session on roof top.

Our voluneer is playing tricky games with our slums center girls.

In the ending We have distributed pencil, pens, soaps and candy to all children. They are glad to get it . Thanks everyone for your contribution & love for  Varanasi volunteering and  yoga program ,India

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Diwali Celebration time in Slums Varanasi, 2016

Our Slums center some children in photo session .

Our good student from Slums center and they are very glad .

Here every children want pictures because for them it is exciting.

In slums Center Our small class where we have white board and small benches for the children after the class children....

Girls from our helping program for education in  slums working children.

In Diwali Celebration before our Slums School Children are in our open class room.

In these fesitval before everyone cloring the place , According the mythology it clean and welcome of goddess lakshmi and ganesha same is doing by our slums center elder boys and girls.

Our volunteer took nice photo .

All kids are sitting together and listening in the class about the history of Diwali.

They all are very happy moods in Diwali festival time with our lovely kids.

Women of Slums they also want pictures and in the photos you can see friendship of them.

Lovely our 2 best friends in slums they are very famous to live togther .

Smiling Faces  from our slums center , Varanasi, India .

These girls they work day time and evening time they join our free education program in Slums.

Happy boys they want photos and saying thanks to our volunteer.

Slums boys with kids.