Friday, December 12, 2014

Education, Volunteers & Creation.

 Children are eating fresh healthy fruit

                                                  Children are waiting for the Foods.

                                           Our Volunteer has donated Hammock on our roof top.

Children also take interest in our street animals program.

                                         Volunteer has donated 2 hammock and children are enjoying it.

                                                   Street puppies, we are giving milk for growing and they are happy.

                                         Children are waiting of their"s term for fun on the hammock.

                                         One black puppy was sick so i helped to give him milk.
                                                   In our classroom children are looking white board and volunteer.

                                                    Our Volunteers are teaching English to the children.

                                                  After finish the class volunteer is distributing Snacks to the children.

                                                   Our volunteer is teaching lovely cute students of the center.
                                                   Volunteers from South Africa have donated crystal stones,
                                                    So that they could create neck-less, bracelet etc.

                                                   How to make different types of neckless, bracelet etc teaching by one
                                                     Factory man with our South African Volunteers.

                                                  Children are so excited to see our new volunteers and giving warm

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Festival time & Volunteering, Varanasi, India

In our street animal caring program we are giving food to street dog"s puppy we brought them in our office given full food.

In Durga pooja festival occasions we are giving special food for all Kanyas ( Girls ) 

According these Ritual we should to give favorite items for the girls after giving them food and before going the house so we have given them hanky, comb, cream, bangles, hair band , lipstick, Chocolate.

In Dipawali ( light Festival ) occasions our volunteers are making Rangoli on the roof top.

Our Volunteers and children of the school are playing with light crackers in Diwali ( light ) festival.

Our Indian volunteer has also joined with children on the roof top for light crackers.

Our volunteers is teaching how we can use garbage for recycling by the example of our all guest leaving water bottles and other plastic items...

Our volunteers is solving the question of our children about the recycling of garbage in our houses. Volunteer is describing how we can make it useful.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Kids, Volunteers , Street animals in Varanasi, India

Our lovely education program children with Brazilian volunteer Aline.

She is 7 years old girl deaf , she can not speak and cannot listen but she is very good in drawing + smart too.

Our school children are in happy mood after celebrating farewell party for our USA volunteer Allie.

It is picture of before farewell party children and organization of the school has done it very secretly for the volunteer and she was very happy with these surprise.

In our street animals caring program our Japanese volunteer is giving food.

Our Japanese & USA volunteers are take caring of street dog"s puppies.

Our group volunteers came in the school for supporting and they were totally 20 members.

In these group member all volunteers were very friendly and glad to meet with the children and children are also very happy .

Our both volunteers are making food for the street dogs with love and care.

Volunteer is playing with our school kids after finishing the class.

Volunteers are teaching in our classroom.

Whole group members are sharing their"s experience of life with our  kids and paying too.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

August month with the volunteers in Varanasi, our Npo and streets dogs project

Our slums school kids are getting introduction with our volunteers.

Our local Center , Group photo with the Children.

Japanese Volunteers are teaching new game of  Japan. Our Education program boys and girls are learning.

Our European volunteer is showing magic card to our loving kids of the school, All children are very surprise with happy mood.

Our education Center children are playing with our volunteers and teaching these Indian game which we call Carom.

In our Yoga room , Volunteers are teaching English language by the way of game.

Our Slums Center Volunteers are very glad to meet our slums school children and started to play with them.

Volunteers are showing them different technique to take pictures by camera and our children are looking it first time in their"s life with using these Camera.

Slums School all the children want to play and get happiness with our energetic volunteers.

Picture with our slums boys and volunteers.

We are happy our streets dogs have given new puppies and we are caring to give foods and milk to mother of these puppies so that cute puppies could get enough milk. We have no volunteers / help so i am doing it myself ....

These puppies was on the road we have given these clothes and caring everyday ....

Our Italian Volunteer with the Slums program children after teaching in photo.

Children always very glad in front of camera and take different position for making more beautiful.

Good time with the volunteers and children in our yoga room with play.

I am caring these new born puppies , because we have no volunteers for street dogs program .... but i hope someone will like to join and help us.