Friday, April 9, 2010

Examination & Child Sponsorship Charity , India , Varanasi

Everyone as usual like others year we have also taken yearly examination's children, i am sure children did best. These 4 children has grown up and we want to give them high level education for them . We are finding if someone take interest in this any one for Sponsorship then it will be great.
First girl name is Monica she sells postcard on the bank on Ganga , helping in family by money, but in education she is very good never she absent the school.
Second girl name is Versha she is sister of Monica and also she sells postcard on the bank on Ganges and both sister helps in their"s family. Both sister want to be a good human person and want to survive life in better way with their"s family .
Third girl name is Reshmi she is 14 years old and she cleans other peoples house as a servant. After getting good education she wants to be Teacher.
Fourth student name is Rahul . he is 13 years old and he works on shop and shop honor do very bad behave with him. because he is very poor, but he is full of self respect, i have noticed when he comes in school and sit alone he cried, i have noticed many times and one day i asked him and then he explained .... so right now i help for his food also.
All 4 children parents are uneducated, so they can not get a good job. they all helping....
i hope someone will come in front for help and will take responsibility of sponsorship.
if you have any question or want to help or want to do sponsorship then feel free to write us , on our gmail accont-