Thursday, September 24, 2015

Japanese game , Krishna Festival, Teachers Day's activities in Varanasi, India

Japanese game by Masa Shan has taught to children for increase memory.

Children are also learning these world famous game by our volunteer.

One group of Children are very happy with our volunteer.

Children are going in Activity room for performance.

All children are Volunteer are enjoying the live program .

Children are doing dance on Teachers day and Krishna birthday festival , Both happened in same day

Most attractive children on Krishna birthday Or Teachers day occasion. Our teachers made them Krishna and Radha and they look beautiful .

lovely and beautiful children from our Saraswati Education Center , Varanasi, India 

We have also organized Drawing Competition and most of the children made awesome drawing.

We have made special foods for the all children and it was full of joy.

Different group of children performed the dance.

Most impressive and beautiful performance by our 2 talented students , they performed traditional Bengali dance. 

Volunteer is helping to give all the children foods.

Children are taking morning breakfast and we have given milk with Boost. 

Children are taking Pizza and they are enjoying it as you can see the pictures.