Thursday, December 31, 2015

31st December 2015 going time with us ...........

Korean volunteers with our children and helping in teaching.

Korean volunteers in one photo season with lovely kids of our program.

Our Friendly French volunteers in the kitchen and making foods for the children .

Our French volunteers made the foods and serve also , they shared the foods with the children in lunch time .

In education time children are in classroom.

In the slums center our Volunteers from Europe are teaching children mathematics .

Our slums center kids are making hair design to our volunteer.

In our local center volunteer is teaching one group of children in game style.

In the slums happy kids with our volunteers.

In the classroom children are totally focusing in study with under guidance of our volunteer.

Our South Indian volunteer is taking introduction with our children .

Christmas occasion we decorated the classroom .

We distributed Cakes , Samosa with full of fun and good time .

All children were very happy in these festival .

Full number of children came in these party time.

In the slums also children have decorate with balloons ....

In slums with the help of volunteers we distributed Samosa and cake.

By the help of volunteers we distributed bags in our local center 20 pieces.

In our slums center we have distributed bags for the regular 15 children of there .

children are studying in the slums.

After the class volunteers are distributing candies to the children . We are thankful of the volunteers.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Diwali Festival with Volunteers Varanasi India 2015

Our very friendly Volunteer from Germany is making morning foods for the children in our kitchen.

After making the foods she has given each children by her hands with love and blessing.

In our Slums Center our volutneers are teaching our lovely children over there.

Chldren are with happy face in camera.

In study time children are doing work in under guidence of our volunteers. 

We are distributing candy in our slums center.

Children and volunteers in our slums center for memory photo time.

AFter finish the class of slums children they are in happy time.

Volunteer is teaching Birds name at our local center near the main ghat, Varanasi, India

Children are learning substraction by our volunteer.

Each child is getting chance to improve their"s math skills on the board

Celebrating Diwali Festival on the ghat .

In our Slums center volunteer is distributing light crackers to all children

Children are in very happy moods after getting because it is very precious time to celebrate these festival with family and lovely volunteer.

Children are playing Diwali Festival with light and happiness.

all kids boys and girls very glad with love, affection and friendly treats of our volunteers.

Children with volunteer.

Children are eating the foods in our local center.

Our Volunteer from Japan have donated pen , pencil and eraser all the children very glad and happy and showing thanks .

Our volunteers from Japan are very glad with local center children .

These 2 Volunteers also took the foods with children , All children started to request that they want their"s morning foods with volunteers and we explained to them and they have also joined for the foods . Thanks.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

India , Varanasi, October month with slums and our local center Children & Volunteers

Slums program children after finish the class in photo season.

Our slums children they help their"s parents in the ganga for cleaning. We saw morning time and took the picture.

Children from Slums always very glad if our volunteers take picture.

In our local center volunteer with children in playing time.

Our Volunteer has donated Notebook, Pen pencil , Eraser for our local center, Thanks.

In the teaching time volunteers from Classroom.

Children are taking foods in our local center.

Very Happy moods these children with our volunteers photo season .

Our smart little children is teaching everyone in the class room Hindi Alphabet.

All children are focusing in the classroom study time .