Saturday, November 30, 2013

Wonderful time in Varanasi with Volunteers

Rooftop Bowl of Compassion ( Cafe ) where older boys and girls make food for the guests & now days it is running 2nd Rank in TripAdvisor. In picture it is Fried Dal, Cucumber Raita & Mix Vegitable.

Vegitable Biryani made by Bowl of Compassion young boys and girls they are super cook the foods.

Aniket children leader of the class is distributing the morning foods for all children, look very responsible.

Children seem very happy after getting dolls, candy, colors from our volunteers.

Our American Volunteers couple are teaching yoga technique they both are professional dance expert.

Before start Dance classes doing some yoga step with kids in our yoga education training society studio in Varanasi.

Children are now learning dance movement with our dance Expert from USA.

These one step is for eye dance and kids are trying to follow it with our volunteers.

Kids are saying Namaste to our volunteers who has given important time in our project in Varanasi.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Many children & Volunteers supporting school time.

One Family has visited from Macedonia and they all have given precious time here.

Volunteers have distributed food stuffs for the kids.

Our volunteers with our loving children of school .

With the country name our volunteers with school kids.

11 groups of women have visited here From USA. Our school girls have given warm welcome by Garlands. 

All 11 Women are inside in the school teaching time and knowing the teaching schedule.

 American Womens are playing with our school kids in our yoga studio room.

Our one volunteer she has fallen the love with our one girl and giving here hugs and love.

After tired all the volunteers and kids sat down and talking each other.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Celebrating, Spanish Group & Class Room

Children are arranging the program of Teachers day and they arranged the cake and decorate too.

Enjoying Time in the class room with all the kids :-)

Children are playing with the cake.

 They are distributing each other cake and snacks.

They are taking the test of home made aaloo chap ( potato snacks ).

Spanish Groups totally 14 members have visited our school and given their"s important time with kids and love.

 Spanish group member are looking live program which has organized our school kids and teachers.

 Our kids and teacher are dancing on the Bollywood songs and showing the performance in front of Spanish group.

Our volunteer from UK. They both have given precious time for the kids in the class room and taught English & Math.

Our talented children , they are making postcard for sell and helping families :-) and we r helping them for showing the volunteers / guests. 

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Education & IDD Festival

 Our Volunteer is giving her times for the kids.

 Celebration of the IDD festival. Kids are wishing Each Other.

 We Have Celebrated with the kids IDD festival in our School . We have given them IDDI, It is kind of gift for the the kids and they were very glad.

Our Volunteer are teaching the kids about Body part name. All the Children are taking full of interest to learn it.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Spanish, Dutch & French Volunteers

Our Spanish Volunteers Francisco Forteza & Ana Ortiz is helping in our class room to teach the street and working boys and girls.

Carmen she is also from Spain and helping our women development program for helping computers training.

Our Dutch Volunteer Eve Schippers and Spanish volunteer Carmen are together with the our education center kids.

 Kids and the volunteers are playing in the yoga room.

On the roof top at our Bowl of Compassion charity cafe kids and volunteers are playing balloons.

Our Spanish volunteer Maria Del Carmen is teaching Computer skills to our schools teenagers girls.

Our French couples Volunteers have visited in the school and given their"s valuable time for the kids education.

Kids seem very happy with our Spanish volunteer 
Francisco Forteza Pieras.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Street dog project & Children Education

Our Volunteer is teaching small groups of kids Alphabets in English.

Kids are following our volunteers guidelines in under guidance of regular teacher

We have started Computer awareness program for girls and they are learning with our teacher.

 Our Computer teacher is teaching the kids and Japanese volunteer is teaching Japanese language to our older kids.

Two days ago we went looking for the dogs on the streets to give them medicines for their skin disease. We found approximately 12 dogs that will for sure thank our help !
Our new goal is to feed these dogs at least one time each day! For that we really need your help, any donation will help us ! We are also looking for vets to come and help us with the dogs diseases.

For more info please contact us via e-mail , any help will change things here :)

Our Voluteer Jimena Bro Guerresi is helping with us in Dogs caring project.

Dogs are feeling well with egg and medicine.

 In our evening group teacher and kids.

Our Volunteer Jimena Bro Guerresi has brought dog"s food From Mexio and it is useful for the street dogs, She has also helped in the project.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Birthday Celebration + Classes

Lovely heart Our Indian Volunteer wished to celebrate her birthday with our kids.

Children are enjoying birthday time of her with cake.

Our volunteer is giving birthday cake to our older students.

Indian volunteer has organized afternoon food / lunch for our all children,  it was delicious Punjabi Food.

Our Volunteer and her mother have distributed foods to all kids.

Our Cute students are waiting for their"s term for the food .

Our Older and some small kids are waiting for the food , it was totally 42 students we had that day.

Our Class room where kids are showing that they did first class work and victorious.

Our Volunteer is teaching our evening shifts kids drawing subject.

Our students are focusing to make best painting on the paper.
                                                    I would like to say thanks our Indian volunteer because she has celebrated her birthday with lovely kids and given love, happiness, food and gift too. we will be thankful for her kindness and praying to god that god will give her happy, prosperous & healthy life. Thanks for our other countries volunteers for giving us a important time .