Saturday, September 28, 2013

Celebrating, Spanish Group & Class Room

Children are arranging the program of Teachers day and they arranged the cake and decorate too.

Enjoying Time in the class room with all the kids :-)

Children are playing with the cake.

 They are distributing each other cake and snacks.

They are taking the test of home made aaloo chap ( potato snacks ).

Spanish Groups totally 14 members have visited our school and given their"s important time with kids and love.

 Spanish group member are looking live program which has organized our school kids and teachers.

 Our kids and teacher are dancing on the Bollywood songs and showing the performance in front of Spanish group.

Our volunteer from UK. They both have given precious time for the kids in the class room and taught English & Math.

Our talented children , they are making postcard for sell and helping families :-) and we r helping them for showing the volunteers / guests. 

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