Monday, December 19, 2011

Water park & Kites for Kids

Our volunteer Linda and two more volunteers we went water park time it was full of fun and amusement, after such a long long time children have taken fun in water park ... as you can see they are swiming and playing, thanks volunteers for your helping to organize these trip.

For the past few days three of our volunteers (Jim & Alyssa from Canada and Jessica from Italy) visited the slums area in Varanasi. They met a former student from our center who we are still supporting with university tuition payments. Since the classroom at our center has been slow because the children were on a winter break, we arranged for the volunteers to visit the children in their homes. The annual kite festival is less than one month away and after the children from the slums gave our volunteers a lesson in flying a kite, our volunteers said thank you by buying every child a kite. Jim, Alyssa and Jessica bought 200 kites and distributed them too all the children in the slums area. The day was full of sharing, smiles and happiness.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Varanasi charity organization

i m giving yoga training at the Yoga society top floor of children school.

children and volunteers are talking each others.

Organization girls are eating morning food at the center.

some kids with volunteers in photo shoot mood.

Children are sharing foods with volunteers Roser from Spain.

Volunteer Caroline Beaumaris from Australia is giving donation our slums boy in slums area.

At the volunteer school, the children are really committed to coming along and getting the best of English teaching available to them.
Happy, smiling, laughing children, they are a delight to work with. Our volunteers today put on a breakfast for the children which gave them a good kick start for the day.
There are two sessions daily - the morning class from 8 to 11am and the afternoon class from 3 to 6pm. They continue to be run by volunteers from all over the world; including Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and South America.

Volunteers are staying at our accommodation with friendly atmosphere.
The centre is running trips to the local slums to give volunteers an understanding of other parts of India not normally accessible to foreigners.
Today we had Caroline, our Australian volunteer distribute much needed clothing to the local boy, Jitender, the centre sponsors to attend University. He was very thankful that this will give him some quality cloths to wear at school.
We also continue to give our volunteers the best tours of Varanasi and the local areas at the best possible deals. Tonight we sent Caroline on a trip down the river Ganges to view the sunset ceremonies and the numerous Ghats.
The centre continues to give education, hope and happiness to the local children.