Monday, March 30, 2015

Japanese & French Groups have visited in both places of Saraswati Educaiton Center

It is our slums Center which is situated South side of Varanasi. Children of here studying and volunteers are helping in these noble work.

Japanese Group members have given their"s musical performance for the children. All children enjoyed it.

Children are playing color festival with the Volunteers on Holi Festival time.

Japanese volunteers leader are sharing about Japan"s lifestyle , Temple and culture of there with our children of education program in Varanasi, India .

Japanese Volunteers are teaching how to make different types of craft by papers .

In our Slums center Children are in education time.

Our Education program one 4 years child is happy to do paint with the French volunteers on the plate

Perspective Regards ( French Organization ) has organized children painting , fun , donated books, pen, pencil , clothes and fun . We are thankful about it.

Children are eating morning breakfast at the center.

Volunteers are very glad with the children and their"s discipline in the classroom.

Japanese Group members with children in one photo session .

We have completed 10 years so we have organized Rituals on the center.

With Perspective Regards and Saraswati Education Center we have done these ritual for happiness, good luck with good health everywhere.

French Organization members have also organized Puppet game for every children in the show and also distributed for each child. Our staffs also love it.

Photo session in happy moods with puppets.

Morning time at color festival with volunteers.

Our volunteer teacher is showing Cartoon by her tab and children are enjoying it lots.

Photo session at evening time of HOLI Festival with volunteers .

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Volunteers energy with children activities

Volunteer Jina is decorating main entrance of school by children painted mango on the wall.


Children are happy with morning breakfast , The food name is Jalebi and puri - sabzi at our place.

Helping of volunteer , school children are doing painting on the paper.

Volunteer are making plan for doing fun with the children and children are waiting for that...

Volunteer made the plan for playing math games with the children and all the children are excited for it.

Our Two small kids live always together as a good friend and volunteer took pictures of them .

Morning prayer time all the children of our local center.

In the Classroom volunteer is teaching children how to write .

Volunteer is helping to teach math subject in the classroom.

School boys and girls are making different different designs with the volunteers with full of fun and knowledge.

Volunteer is teaching different type of art for making bracelet by strings.

Our school children are eating morning food.

Children are studying in under guidence of volunteers..

volunteer and the children in the classroom.