Monday, July 30, 2012

July Month in the school

 Our Volunteer Sophie Nunns took interest in animals project and she helped to caring our street dogs, she has also given them food and medicine too. As you can see in the picture also these dogs are very friendly with her.
 School girls are practicing coputer in computer awareness program, we are trying to open computer lab where each kids will have one computer, so that they could learn basic computere knowledge + advance knowledge and get good job.
Our Volunteers Sophie Nunns and Caroline Nunns with the kids after distributing gifts.

 Our Centre all the kids with their"s fun camera which they have gotten from our volunteers.
 Our Slums school Volunteer is giving polish on the nail of our one school girl.

Our Slums school , two volunteers Sophie and Caroline from U.K. are teaching the kids Math subject as we have given them simple addictio and substraction and they both are checking it.
In our Center Volunteer Emi from Japan is playing with the kids and before starting to play she is understanding how should to play Indian indoor game.