Friday, September 25, 2009

Durga Pooja & children

Durga pooja has started in india . It is one of the biggest festival of indian. In this festival everyone celebrate 9 days , 9 Durga praying . it has started on 19th September and today is 7th day 9 days continue people pray 9 different durga name is
Names of Navadurga :
1. Shailputri
2. Brhamcharini
3. Chandraghanta
4. Kushmanda
5. Skundamata
6. Katyani
7. Kalratri
8. Mahagauri
9. Siddhidatri
all nine durga goddess is very important and yes it also show that women is more powerfull than compare of man same like Durga has borned to killed bad sprit and for helping true human beings.
From today continue 4 days we will close the school because from today every places durga statue has situated for visiting so night time and whole day people visit ... it is very nice and beautiful time to see this power goddess festival. Today"s one good news is that our school one child name is Monika Sahani has gotted the 2nd Rank in her age group Drawing compitition ... in this compitition whole varanasi"s all the children has participate ... this was special compition being Durga pooja celebration so today i am too much happy and it feels me too much proud inside and i am very sure you will also feel proud and happy .

Saturday, September 5, 2009

poor street kids celebrated teacher day...

all the children classes is going well and all are enjoying and learning education... at 5th september we all have celebrated teacher day on this programme we have cutted cake and we serve all the children food , biscuit & candy and all very happy and also we kept dance , debate programme it was completely enjoyable programme for the kids and also for us... and yes this programme gave also one message ..that how should to relation between teacher and student ... it is very important if teacher and student will be treat each other as a friend then it will be good and in other hand if student and teacher will respect each other then it makes more strong relation each other .... this lines has given by Mr.Seo myung won ( our volunteer ) he has given very important time and we will be thankfull for the top his picture with one little girl . thesedays school is runing morning 7:45 am to 12 :00 pm and between the classes we give themfood ....right now we have no any volunteer is good in varanasi just power cut problem & water is here more......