Saturday, August 30, 2014

August month with the volunteers in Varanasi, our Npo and streets dogs project

Our slums school kids are getting introduction with our volunteers.

Our local Center , Group photo with the Children.

Japanese Volunteers are teaching new game of  Japan. Our Education program boys and girls are learning.

Our European volunteer is showing magic card to our loving kids of the school, All children are very surprise with happy mood.

Our education Center children are playing with our volunteers and teaching these Indian game which we call Carom.

In our Yoga room , Volunteers are teaching English language by the way of game.

Our Slums Center Volunteers are very glad to meet our slums school children and started to play with them.

Volunteers are showing them different technique to take pictures by camera and our children are looking it first time in their"s life with using these Camera.

Slums School all the children want to play and get happiness with our energetic volunteers.

Picture with our slums boys and volunteers.

We are happy our streets dogs have given new puppies and we are caring to give foods and milk to mother of these puppies so that cute puppies could get enough milk. We have no volunteers / help so i am doing it myself ....

These puppies was on the road we have given these clothes and caring everyday ....

Our Italian Volunteer with the Slums program children after teaching in photo.

Children always very glad in front of camera and take different position for making more beautiful.

Good time with the volunteers and children in our yoga room with play.

I am caring these new born puppies , because we have no volunteers for street dogs program .... but i hope someone will like to join and help us.