Friday, January 27, 2012

New Women's Group & Republic Day of India Celebrations

We have just begun a Women's Group at the school for the mother's of the children that we teach and other women in the area. We provide a place for them to meet and support each other whilst learning different skills that they can use in their lives. These women come from very poor backgrounds and most are reliant on their husbands, so with this group we aim to be able to empower them in order for them to be more independent and lead a better life.

At the moment we have started knitting and are making beanies and scarves that they can sell in order for them to make their own money. Our volunteers, Rhi and Sian Joyce from Australia, are leading the group and have bought lots of wool and needles in order for them to knit. So far the women are really enjoying this and are eager to make as many things as they can. In the future we hope for this group to grow so that we can create a network of support for this women.

Also, yesterday was the Republic Day of India so to celebrate this we took the children to a special event where they could do art and play lots of games. All the children won prizes and were smiling and laughing all day long. It was a really, really good day and we hope to take them out again soon.