Thursday, May 30, 2013

Birthday Celebration + Classes

Lovely heart Our Indian Volunteer wished to celebrate her birthday with our kids.

Children are enjoying birthday time of her with cake.

Our volunteer is giving birthday cake to our older students.

Indian volunteer has organized afternoon food / lunch for our all children,  it was delicious Punjabi Food.

Our Volunteer and her mother have distributed foods to all kids.

Our Cute students are waiting for their"s term for the food .

Our Older and some small kids are waiting for the food , it was totally 42 students we had that day.

Our Class room where kids are showing that they did first class work and victorious.

Our Volunteer is teaching our evening shifts kids drawing subject.

Our students are focusing to make best painting on the paper.
                                                    I would like to say thanks our Indian volunteer because she has celebrated her birthday with lovely kids and given love, happiness, food and gift too. we will be thankful for her kindness and praying to god that god will give her happy, prosperous & healthy life. Thanks for our other countries volunteers for giving us a important time .

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Memorable time passed

 My efforts is working now as you can see in these picture, in our street helping project of dog i was alone before most kids feel scare...but happy with chintu, he is now helping 10 street dogs for feeding with me and friendly.

After demanding our 3rd time visited volunteers we have celebrated Colors with them because last all times they was here and these year festival time over according calender but they wanted again with children.

It is group picture with our school kids and volunteers after celebrating the dry colors.  

Our kids are taking basic education with our regular teacher Mr. Avinash ji, he is very friendly and good teacher with the kids.

Our volunteer he is wrestler from Poland and he wanted to teach our kids. as you can see in these picture some kushti tips,  he was in our place as a physical & game teacher.

Family volunteers have visited in our place in these they were from USA and totally five members husband wife and  two daughters + one friend. Kids was happy to see other country children.

Our Hindi speaking volunteer has organized daily use general knowledge for the kids.

In the General knowledge asking program it was very interested for the kids and they were excited to say first.

Children are celebrating the musical talent of our volunteers , she was playing the guitar...