Friday, December 14, 2012

Indian + Foreign volunteers


In the last month we have had Indian volunteers working alongside foreign volunteers, and everyone is very happy. We have Samiskha from Delhi volunteering with us currently, working both in our local centre, and our slum centre. We also have had Christina from Spain volunteering with us who has helped with providing food, nutrition, love and care for the children. Christina reminded one of our children called Dipu of his mother who has passed away, so him and Christina developed a very close bond. Dipu was very sad when Christina left. Dipu's father has also passed away, and he currently lives with his Aunty who unfortunately treats him very badly. We are looking for someone to adopt Dipu so he can have a happy, well loved life. To adopt Dipu would involve supporting Dipu financially so he can attend boarding school, therefore he can receive a good education and have a happy and safe living environment. For further details on how you can help please contact Somit.                                                                      

Our Indian Volunteer Samiksha from Delhi is doing here volunteer internship program for 2 weeks in our both Centers.

Our slums school kids in these photo.

Our Indian Volunteer Jagan Ji, with the kids, actually he did work for short time but he has given donation in the school for the food of kids.

Our Italian volunteer Samantha is teaching our local center.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Movie, Shoes Distribution & Diwali/light Festival

Children are going by walk to see movie in the theater and whole program has organized and finance too by Zach Jacoby, volunteer from USA.

Kids are walking on the street with caring with volunteers.

 In Our Slums center too Mr. Zach Jacoby has donated 30 shoes and shocks for both boys and girls.

 We have divided the shoes for girls and boys and after that we started to distribute first girls.

We are taking measurement of the kids leg and dividing the shoes by  name.

After distributing the girls shoes now term was boys they were very excited and fighting for taking first as happens between the kids and we have taken some pictures. More pictures you can see in our facebook.

We are Distributing light Cracker to the kids on the Diwali festival.

Children & Volunteers are celebrating light festival ( Diwali ) in our Local center, I have bought Crackers and distributed all the kids in our both centers and they all were very happy.

Volunteers took also enjoyment with playing crackers and we have decorated all the buildings with the light, it was looking so beautiful our center and old city Varanasi. Whole Varanasi city was full of light on the roof top, shop and everywhere.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Month Of Celebration

This month, we did a ritual program for the happiness of the school, family and everyone here in Varanasi. It is called Mahamritunjay Pooja (one of the most powerful worships of Shiva) and we did it in the yoga room.

In this ritual done by 7 Spiritual priests, I was in the main pooja ( worship ) as you can see in the pictures.

At the end I did a special aarti ( prayer ) and then took a blessing from the priest.

This month some Japanese volunteers also visited here and they helped by teaching and playing with the kids.

 Group pictures with Japanese volunteer group :-)

In happy times volunteers and kids.

We also celebrated the birthday of Robbert Bosscher (a volunteer from the Netherlandsby giving him a surprise birthday cake and party. It was full of fun as you can see in the pictures.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Studying time Slums and Local center With our Volunteers

Our Japaneese Volunteer is teaching small kids.

Our Two best Spanish Volunteers are teaching math intresting way so that children coul take fun and learn.

Our The Netherland volunteer is finding pen, pencil and book in our store keeping box for giving the kids education.

Our Volunteer Alexandra From United Kingdom is providing math lesson to our school kids.

Our Korean Volunteers is teaching weeks name in English to our two cute children.

Our Slums children are ready to write after looking our white board where volunteer is giving work for them.

Our Two Spanish volunteer are giving their"s time for our kids for learning.

It is the picture when our Spanish Volunteers group has visited our Slums school , here we are preparing to go inside our lovely small study room.

Our School boy is trying to solving the math which has given our volunteers we call each kids and say to try to solve it, In these way they get confidence power + their"s teach skill also improve for other small kids so that in future they could teach other kids too .

Monday, August 20, 2012

Independence day 2012

School kids and volunteers are singing national anthem on Independence day.

Preparing for children food and volunteers are helping for it as you can see we are giving them milk in the glass for each because milk is very important for growing kids.

In Independence Day we have also organized Dance compitition and children really enjoyed it with full energy and they did good performance too.

It is our new roof where we all can see Ganga View , since last one month it was construction work runing here finally it has finished and we brought all the kids on the roof top and they have played and we all took breakfast there.

Our two lovely cute student are eating fruits with our Japaneese Volunteers.

We have distribute Sweets, fruits, milk and Sandwitch on the Independence day, it was good time for every one.

Monday, July 30, 2012

July Month in the school

 Our Volunteer Sophie Nunns took interest in animals project and she helped to caring our street dogs, she has also given them food and medicine too. As you can see in the picture also these dogs are very friendly with her.
 School girls are practicing coputer in computer awareness program, we are trying to open computer lab where each kids will have one computer, so that they could learn basic computere knowledge + advance knowledge and get good job.
Our Volunteers Sophie Nunns and Caroline Nunns with the kids after distributing gifts.

 Our Centre all the kids with their"s fun camera which they have gotten from our volunteers.
 Our Slums school Volunteer is giving polish on the nail of our one school girl.

Our Slums school , two volunteers Sophie and Caroline from U.K. are teaching the kids Math subject as we have given them simple addictio and substraction and they both are checking it.
In our Center Volunteer Emi from Japan is playing with the kids and before starting to play she is understanding how should to play Indian indoor game.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

5D movie with children & volunteers

Kids waiting in line to watch the 5D Time Machine movie.  It was only a 15 minute movie but was full of fun!  Volunteers Sophie (UK), Roberto & Estiabilez (Spain) accompanied the kids on this field trip.

Movie worker has given everyone special 5D glasses to wear as they said it will not be safe to view the movie with bare eyes.

After the movie finished, the children posed for a mini photo shoot with the McDonald statue at the restaurant on the ground floor of the mall.  Then we all went in to McDonalds to treat the kids to lunch.

Volunteers from Canada came to our center and played a balloon game with the kids. It was such an interesting time with all of them.  They were here only for few hours but in that time, they have given lots of love and happiness to all the kids.

We hired 5 auto ricksaws to take the kids accompanied by volunteers to and from the movie theater.  All the children seemed very glad for this trip!  The 5 auto ricksaws took over a whole road for a little competition of auto ricksaw.  The children were cheering and were so excited.

A group photo of some of the kids and volunteers outside of IP Mall Varanasi after the movie.