Monday, August 20, 2012

Independence day 2012

School kids and volunteers are singing national anthem on Independence day.

Preparing for children food and volunteers are helping for it as you can see we are giving them milk in the glass for each because milk is very important for growing kids.

In Independence Day we have also organized Dance compitition and children really enjoyed it with full energy and they did good performance too.

It is our new roof where we all can see Ganga View , since last one month it was construction work runing here finally it has finished and we brought all the kids on the roof top and they have played and we all took breakfast there.

Our two lovely cute student are eating fruits with our Japaneese Volunteers.

We have distribute Sweets, fruits, milk and Sandwitch on the Independence day, it was good time for every one.


  1. Great work... by volunteers...
    A bow to them..

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