Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hindustan Times & Australian Yogis

Our Ngo group voluteering work is published in the Hindustan Times, Varanasi. Last Saturday 22 October there was a Group of 13 Yogis, As you can read also in News paper Aritcles, They are all student of Swami Saraswati, (famous Yoga Teacher, Australia) from Swami Saraswati Rejuvenation Resort, Australia.

All 13 Yogis are taking yoga class from me, They all are very good Yoga Students with good thoughts and energy.

Yoga Teacher Australia , Swami Saraswati is distributing Clothes to small kids of our school.

All Children seem very glad after getting Clothes from Australian group, as you can see in these pictures, we are thankful for this group.

Mr. Sanjay, yoga teacher from Australia is also distributing clothes to small kids, he is a young yoga teacher with positive helping thoughts.

Swami Saraswati Rejuvenation Resort students are distributing clothes and giving million dollars happiness for these helpless kids with beautiful smile.

The group is with kids and spending beautiful time for our organization.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

We are in the Lonely Planet India guidebook

We have now appeared in the newest edition of the Lonely Planet India guidebook. On page 389 of the 14th edition, which was published in September you can find Saraswati Education Center, including this weblog. On page 390 Yoga Education Training Society ( is also mentioned, which is connected with Saraswati Education Center.

This week two German volunteers Stefan and Julia helped preparing a healthy meal for the children: kichri (rice with lentils) and fried potato. After the meal the volunteers did all the dishes.

These days the children are coming for classes two times per day: in the morning and early evening. Nearly all of them have a job between these classes and have to go to work after school. They clean houses, help in shops, or work on the ghats selling postcards to help their family.