Wednesday, December 27, 2017

friendly children are decorating hair

In our Slums Center Older girls are giving hair decoration to our Volunteer from Belgium , She is coming Continue 2 years in Varanasi at Christmas time :-) with us .

Thursday, December 21, 2017

December 2017 in Varanasi NGO Slums Centre

Volunteer is checking the work of these little boy.

Children of Slums Centre are making drawing on the white paper .

They all are trying to do best in drawing.

Nice drawing they are making .

Indian Kids make and they eager to show their"s work to our volunteer and get good marks with sign.

Happy mood our Volunteer with kids of Slums Centre and volunteer with our local center kids from the classroom.

Abhay our Slums Centre boy has made greeting card for our volunteer and it look nice :-)

Kids are waiting for the chocolate and snacks.

Our Volunteers are giving candy and snacks in our slum centre.

Our volunteer from Finland is leaving and it is picture before departure from local center kids classroom.

Volunteer from Finland is feeling very glad with the children of slums and kids are also enjoying .

Every Children are doing Classwork in notebook and bringing for correction.

Our helping teacher of Class has made drawing for our Finland Volunteer.

Slums School kids are focusing the class.

Monday, December 4, 2017

full of fun with volunteers

Full of fun with the volunteers in Varanasi , India , Our Slums children program , Everyone welcome here.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

November 2017 , Slums Center of India with children

In our Slums Center Friendly Volunteers with lovely kids.

Teacher is giving her full attention in the class.

Volunteers is teaching animals and vegetables name in our local center of volunteering program in Varanasi, India .

Classes are running everyday in under guidance of our regular teacher at evening time.

Volunteer is checking the homework of the kids in our varanasi slums center for helping poor families children free education program.

Teacher is Teaching the mathematics program on the black board .

Our Most of volunteers are friendly and kids also enjoying duration the class as you can see in these picture when teacher is giving work for the class.

All the kids are doing their"s classwork.

Volunteer is making correction in the note book and explaining the mistake to our children of slums.

Elder kids are helping younger kids in the classroom .

Volunteer is asking the kids about their"s daily routines . 

slums area volunteering in india(2)

slums area volunteering in india(1)

Monday, October 30, 2017

31th October 2017 , Volunteers, Children

Our Friendly Volunteer from Spain with kids before departure city of Shiva :-)

Volunteers are assisting with the teacher and caring about the children handwriting in classroom .

In our local center , Ground floor of Somit Paying Guest House & Yoga Education Training Society, Varanasi, India ,  Volunteers are helping to solve the children class work .

United State Volunteers have visited in our Slums center and after long time children are looking happy because we have lost last month our one lovely Girl , she has died in the age of 10 Year .

Children are studying in Groups on our Slums Center, Varanasi, India.

Our Volunteer is teaching to the children in Slums Center.

Before departure with Volunteers and our lovely kids from Slum Center , Varanasi, India.

Volunteers are in happy mood in our local Slums Education point.

Slums children & Volunteers of United States Of America


In Our Slum Center our Respected Volunteer Mr. Abinadi Sir ( From USA ) & Mrs. Lenore ( From USA ) are giving love and support in local slums center , We are really very thankful for your valuable time and love . Warm welcome in Future also.

European volunteer is leaving from organization

Our Volunteer is leaving and all children are sad but giving warm hug and saying Thanks :-)

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Volunteers with Children

Volunteering for street poor children in India

Volunteer with kids

Donation for children community

Volunteers are donating Clothes in helpless Kids

Navratri , Teachers Day , happy time with Volunteers

Enjoyed Teachers Day 2017 with our lovely children of Center.

We have taken Samosa, Cake , Soft drink and Choclate wtih Cookies in Teachers Day .

By The helping of the kids we are distributing the special foods for everyone in our Center.

Kids are sitting in peace with patience .

Navaratri Kanya Bhojan ( Special foods for little girls we have organized )

School little girls are enjoying the foods.

Children of the school are doing coloring on the paper .

In the drawing, kids are doing the under guidance of our volunteer guest .

Some game technique are teaching by our volunteers to lovely kids .

Kids are waiting to learn Guitar some tips by our guests.

Volunteer from Japan is doing our Roof top Yoga in our Yoga Education Training Society , Varanasi, India.

Our founder Somit is in Classroom with the children and taking the class.

Enjoying the fun and game with founder.

Volunteer is teaching the kids and showing the animals picture in his camera during the teaching.

Full of enjoying in the activity room .

Our Volunteers are dancing with the kids .

Volunteers are playing with the kids.

Children are playing drama in our activity classes.