Monday, September 6, 2010

India , Varanasi, slums area visited

Five days ago we visited the slum area and distributed food. We also taught them basic hygiene methods (simple washing techniques). With help from our Indian volunteer from Delhi we were able to teach personality development techniques, and have gained positive results from this one day programme. Washing hands with soap is not new but knowing the correct way of using soap and cleaning hands is a great experience," said Shubham, (one of our students who lives in the slums area ) he has now helped a number of slum children, including girls, showing them the correct way to go about it. "Proper hand washing requires soap and only a small amount of water, one should cover wet hands with soap, scrub all the surfaces and rinse thoroughly with running water. The hand parts, including palms, back and especially the area under the fingernails must be thoroughly cleaned," added the young lad like a trained student.
I hope our program will helpful for them and in the near future we plan on organizing more new programmes for changing their lifestyle. Just simple steps like this create a better life for the children and in turn a better future/prospects.
We currently have no volunteers and greatly welcome any help in any possible way. Any ideas or suggestions you may have are also helpful so please feel free to help in any way.

Right now the weather in Varanasi is little hot, anyway looking forward to any help in anyway and we will keep you posted.