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Help Us Change Childrens' Lives

SARASWATI EDUCATION CENTER is a charity that was established in VARANASI in JANUARY 2005 to help and support the POOR & STREET Children in Varanasi, India. The centre has been operating in Varanasi since 2000 and its central objective is to provide free education and care to the underprivileged children of Varanasi. We provide courses in English, Hindi, Mathematics, games, activities and Meditation, with the aim of giving these children skills that will enable them to create a better future for themselves and their families. We will also run projects in the future, focusing on Information Technology, aiding in the development of specific skills, raising awareness of environmental issues, creating a big school where all children can study very well and get good knowledge. Near the school will be one volunteer building where our volunteers will stay freely and they will give their energy and power to the children... providing them with a healthy meal everyday as well as a wide range of artistic and cultural activities. These projects as well as all the activities of the school are entirely sustained by voluntary assistance and donations. Therefore, it is important for the children and the centre to receive your kind support.

Our Vision
It is a truth, universally acknowledged, that children are the future of the world and one way to ensure the betterment of the world is by providing support for underprivileged children and giving them the opportunity to bring about change, mainly through education, art and nurture. YOGA EDUCATION TRAINING SOCIETY always gives yoga education to everyone in a very good way. We want people to join us in the project aimed to educate children in order to help them become independent, creative and skillful, not only to improve their standard of living but also give them the right to choose their future. We believe that knowledge is the key to development, but unfortunately not everyone has access to a free education, but together, we can change this.
Our Objectives
Our objectives are simply to give every child access to a free education and in turn provide the prospect of a better future for the children and their families. We want to create a positive atmosphere at the school, where the children are free to learn. Educating these children does not only mean that they will be able to read and write but also that they can work towards a better future, full of hope and possibilities.
Our mission
Free education. Currently the school is attended by 42 children between the ages of 4 to 16. These pupils are working to support themselves and their families with little or no access to education. Some of these children are working in poor conditions on the streets, whilst others work in shops or as cleaners. A free education is vital for their development and the promise of a better future. It is for this purpose that the Saraswati Education Centre has been established. Our central focus is to teach basic skills that will enable them to progress and create better living conditions for themselves as well as others. We especially encourage the education of girls as they have the least prospect for an education in India and therefore they may have a chance to lead a better life. It is therefore the school?s mission to provide this opportunity that is crucial in these children?s lives. The school provides lessons in Hindi, English, Horticulture, Mathematics, Information Technology and Meditation, creating a platform for these children to express themselves and learn. The school also allows the children to communicate with one another and enjoy each other?s company.
YOGA & Meditation
YOGA lessons we provide for everyone ... The Saraswati Education Centre considers Yoga & mediation a fundamental aspect of the school?s activity. At the end of each day spent together, the children meditate and reflect upon the activities of the day, to create an awareness of their body and mind and most importantly unwind before going to work.
A healthy meal will be provided everyday, in order for the children to share food in a peaceful environment with their friends. This will also allow the children to go to work with more energy and a better frame of mind.
Future Projects
Computer Skills. The centre will also focus on future projects that will teach the children essential computer skills, giving them a better chance to progress in the modern world. (We need donations for computers, or second hand computers.) Knowledge of school aims to have a vegi-garden on the rooftop of the centre as an avenue for educating children about sustainable living and raising awareness about environmental issues (global warming, water shortages and pollution in the streets of India).We want to involve skilled professionals from various backgrounds to participate with the school; we are looking for musicians, painters and dancers. We aim to develop the children artistically and creatively through different activities such as theatre productions, creating a mutually beneficial atmosphere for both the children and volunteers. This is a way through which volunteers can share their skills and promote the joy of expression.
Our Team
Our team only consists of volunteers. A woman, Pooja, my brother, Amit, and I, Somit, are three teachers working on a day-to-day basis with the children in Varanasi. We also have a team of fundraisers, web designers and other Volunteers working in Europe. We always need your donations and your participation, as it is the only way for us to keep the school running. Any help, financial or otherwise is highly valued by the volunteers but more importantly by the children!
If any people want to take yoga lesson and if they take interest then we give very discount in yoga lesson and also we give them many facilites.. and also we are planning to make one volunteer building in the future, so if you come then you can stay there as a member .. and could get more facilities like home ...and every time to time we organise many kinds of programmes and all programmes you will get free entry. We are always ready to help all of you...

How You Can Help
If you are traveling through Varanasi, and have some spare time (be it one day, one week, or even one year) we would love for you to visit us at the school. By donating your time, you will provide the children with new educational experiences, and have a rewarding experience for yourself. All of our volunteers have thoroughly enjoyed their time. "Teaching the children guitar during each morning and evening session of school was a joy. They were always energetic, willing to try new things, and I didn't want to leave. The school is a wonderful place to spend some time." -Denali Gillaspie, a volunteer from USA. If you would like to hear about an experience from a volunteer, you may contact her at

If you are interested in making a donation, we would greatly appreciate it. We need money to support the education and yoga center. There are many projects we are currently planning to improve the facilities and opportunities for the children. Any amount for a donation that you are able to give would be VERY helpful. You can send your donation to either of our two accounts.

(1). Name -Somit Kumar Dutta
Bank name- State bank of india , varanasi, india
account number- 30130860747
swift code - SBININBB125

(2). Name - Saraswati Education center
Bank Name- Bank of Baroda
account number-15270100007795
swift code -BARBINBBVRN
(At the moment it is not possible to transfer money from foreign bank accounts. Please use Western Union Money Transfer or Moneygram facilities)

Please contact us at E.MAIL -

office address-
Yoga Education Training Society ( Regd. by goverment )
D.32/22, hathiphatak, bengalitola lane , varanasi
( near Dasaswamedh ghat inside bengailtola lane between Spicy Bites Restaurant and Shanti Restaurant , infront of Zee Travel upstair second floor ,
manegment by - Mr. Somit
mobile number - +919839105112