Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Yoga, Computer & Dance teacher, Roof top Cafe :-)

Yoga Education Training Society"s studio Japanese college students visited and did one yoga session approx 2 hours they were totally 22 students so we taught them in two groups.

After Yoga session they did Volunteering work for children education program and they wish to take group picture with yoga instructor.

Shiva Ratri ( Shiva marriage night ) we have organized ritual program and it call Rudra-Bhishek, we bathed shiva by Milk and our priest chanting the mantras during these program our some volunteers and students were present in the studio of yoga.

Currently in our Dog helping program we are providing daily once time food totally 7 streets dogs.

Most Smart dog his name is Carlos and interesting thing is that whenever someone take picture he stops his work and want to be good snaps .....
Our second branch in slums kids are taking interest in education and in these branch we have many good kids they really want to get education and be a good person for the society and nation.

Our French volunteer
Ceicile and theirry have visited in both education center and donated books, pen, pencils, shoes, clothes, food, medicine,. we are thankful for both of them.

Axel ( Germany ) has visited our center and want to help for computer teacher and repairing help also and he did his best he repaired 2 computers and our office desktop also it was good help, we welcome near future also.

Our school girls are doing painting with the volunteers and showing them.

Our first Guest of  Bowl of Compassion ( A charity cafe )  on the roof top older kids over 18 years 
opened cafe and providing food for the guest and the volunteers and other hand they are getting money back. We welcome every guest. With foods they are looking very glad.

Heather ( Canada ) has visited in the school beginning some days she was suffering health problem but before leaving she has taught dance our school children in different group & time it is last group picture at the night time.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Volunteers Support + Education Goddess worship

Volunteers are teaching Math counting  the kids in game style.

Some kids and volunteer picture in our local center.

Our Chinese Volunteer are taking get together introduction and daily life style with the children of school.

It is statue of  Saraswati ( Goddess of Education ) , In our center we have organized Saraswati Pooja it was one day program and we did pooja with
It is some fruits and sweet we  have offered Goddess education Saraswati.

Founder Somit is doing pooja of ma Saraswati with the kids.

 Our school girl Tanu is doing pooja.

 Our cute and lovely kid Lucky is doing pooja with smiling face probably looking Camera.

                      It was celebration time with praying as you can see.

                     Our Australian volunteers brought some balloons for the kids and playing.

                       After finishing the pooja we have offered each kids fruits and sweet and our all volunteers helped in distributing program of Prasad.

                  Our some shy volunteers could not control excitement of these moment and our camera expert captured these moment.

After finishing festival volunteers and kids focused for the education and volunteers are taking the class.