Sunday, March 27, 2016

Volunteers, Children , Color Festival 2016 in month of March, Varanasi, India

Children are getting chocolate by our volunteer teacher.

Lovely kids are playing doctor - doctor game , these games has donated by our volunteers and children are taking full enjoy.

Volunteer Allisa donated these clothes for the children .

Happy volunteer is taking clothes and games from her bag pack.

Children are selecting the clothes.

Volunteer is also helping in measurement of dresses...

In teaching time Volunteer and children from our class room.

Happy kids in photo season.

Our Volunteer guest is meeting with our lovely kids group.

Volunteer is making foods in our kitchen.

We have celebrated color festival , it calls holi and enjoyed with everyone.

Memorable photo season in holi festival ( Color )  with our team members.

Our very strong friendly kids they eat together and help each other with love and compassion .

Volunteer is teaching lovely kids in our local center.

Children from varanasi volunteering program are taking education with fun in under guidance of our volunteer.