Tuesday, May 22, 2012

News Of Slums & Center

We have started school in slums area regularly befor it was not everyday but now there classes is runing 6 days in week, i have hired there one room as a rent and in the slums school we have more than 54 kids, all slums kids are very happy and glad that we have opened the center at their"s place ...before very few kids from slums area come at our center because walking distance from our center to slums area is 30 minute, it is hard for slums kids to come everyday. At our Center thesedays only activities is runing children are playing, learning Zudo from my Japanese friend, learning Drama from Brazil boy, fully fun and learn time for our school center, i have posted some pictures from slums area and our school too. In these Post you can see one single picture where one slums girl with her mother, when we have started education help center at Slums area she came and said she wants to study, she works in shop and shop man bitting her too much and do sexual harrasment too, i asked her how many rupees you get she said 500 Rs. for one month i said you do"t need to go any more there and come in center for education and play i will give these money to you, i hope i save one girl life in these way. I am glad that she and other kids from slums is studying in good way, At our center kids they are very excited because soon we will make organic garden on the roof, Because it is new hope from them they can grow the fruits, flower and vegitable and earn also. For Organic garden i need help of volunteers so welcome everyone in our project in Varanasi.