Monday, December 27, 2010

Donation Charity Program & Merry Christmas

We had a full and happy week in Varanasi with our children and volunteers. It has started with the peaceful music concert and donation bazaar on the river bank when musicians from different countries played music and many people gathered and spent nice time together drinking chai and soup. All the event was organized by the volunteers.
Few days later, we already started work on the Christmas party for the kids. 51 children were playing and dancing together with the volunteers, then prepared and ate happily chocolate balls and fruits salad.
2010 was good year many volunteer came and brought their smiles and energy. We hope for another inspiring year wish everybody A Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

varanasi, India, bomb blast...and Barkha....

I am sending picture of Barkha with other kids and volunteer so that you could this picture barkha is in left side with one other girl.
Here in Varanasi terrorist has attacked holy and powerful place on the bank of ganga evening pooja ceremony. By blessing of god two people has died and lots of people injured. In this accident our school two selling postcard girl has also effected name is Versha and Barkha, they usually go every morning sunrise time and evening pooja ceremony time and selling postcard and help in her family Bomb blast day also went, Versha has shortly injured but Barkha was admitted in hospital for continue 4 days because it effected her hand and head but now she is recovering but still now she fear because it was big accident happened with this innocent girl....
we are happy that all people are together in this circumstances and not fearing it is very good reply to all terrorist who tried to disturb Varanasi and whole world, that we never fear…
These days school is running everyday morning and evening time, evening time i teach all the kids and morning time volunteer are coming our last volunteer was form Israel.