Monday, December 19, 2011

Water park & Kites for Kids

Our volunteer Linda and two more volunteers we went water park time it was full of fun and amusement, after such a long long time children have taken fun in water park ... as you can see they are swiming and playing, thanks volunteers for your helping to organize these trip.

For the past few days three of our volunteers (Jim & Alyssa from Canada and Jessica from Italy) visited the slums area in Varanasi. They met a former student from our center who we are still supporting with university tuition payments. Since the classroom at our center has been slow because the children were on a winter break, we arranged for the volunteers to visit the children in their homes. The annual kite festival is less than one month away and after the children from the slums gave our volunteers a lesson in flying a kite, our volunteers said thank you by buying every child a kite. Jim, Alyssa and Jessica bought 200 kites and distributed them too all the children in the slums area. The day was full of sharing, smiles and happiness.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Varanasi charity organization

i m giving yoga training at the Yoga society top floor of children school.

children and volunteers are talking each others.

Organization girls are eating morning food at the center.

some kids with volunteers in photo shoot mood.

Children are sharing foods with volunteers Roser from Spain.

Volunteer Caroline Beaumaris from Australia is giving donation our slums boy in slums area.

At the volunteer school, the children are really committed to coming along and getting the best of English teaching available to them.
Happy, smiling, laughing children, they are a delight to work with. Our volunteers today put on a breakfast for the children which gave them a good kick start for the day.
There are two sessions daily - the morning class from 8 to 11am and the afternoon class from 3 to 6pm. They continue to be run by volunteers from all over the world; including Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and South America.

Volunteers are staying at our accommodation with friendly atmosphere.
The centre is running trips to the local slums to give volunteers an understanding of other parts of India not normally accessible to foreigners.
Today we had Caroline, our Australian volunteer distribute much needed clothing to the local boy, Jitender, the centre sponsors to attend University. He was very thankful that this will give him some quality cloths to wear at school.
We also continue to give our volunteers the best tours of Varanasi and the local areas at the best possible deals. Tonight we sent Caroline on a trip down the river Ganges to view the sunset ceremonies and the numerous Ghats.
The centre continues to give education, hope and happiness to the local children.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Accomodation and Volunteers in Varanasi

The school is continuing to run from 8-11 in the morning and 4-6 in the evening. The morning classes are much smaller than the afternoon classes as it is winter and many of the children must work during this time.

There is accomodation available for the volunteers on the first floor of the building, and breakfast and lunch is provided. The facilities available to the volunters are 24hr hot water, electricity and wifi, and a friendly atmosphere. The price of the accomodation is a donation that goes towards the running costs of the school.

Former students or members of the organisation can provide a pickup facility from the airport or train station for a fair price to ensure safe arrival.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hindustan Times & Australian Yogis

Our Ngo group voluteering work is published in the Hindustan Times, Varanasi. Last Saturday 22 October there was a Group of 13 Yogis, As you can read also in News paper Aritcles, They are all student of Swami Saraswati, (famous Yoga Teacher, Australia) from Swami Saraswati Rejuvenation Resort, Australia.

All 13 Yogis are taking yoga class from me, They all are very good Yoga Students with good thoughts and energy.

Yoga Teacher Australia , Swami Saraswati is distributing Clothes to small kids of our school.

All Children seem very glad after getting Clothes from Australian group, as you can see in these pictures, we are thankful for this group.

Mr. Sanjay, yoga teacher from Australia is also distributing clothes to small kids, he is a young yoga teacher with positive helping thoughts.

Swami Saraswati Rejuvenation Resort students are distributing clothes and giving million dollars happiness for these helpless kids with beautiful smile.

The group is with kids and spending beautiful time for our organization.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

We are in the Lonely Planet India guidebook

We have now appeared in the newest edition of the Lonely Planet India guidebook. On page 389 of the 14th edition, which was published in September you can find Saraswati Education Center, including this weblog. On page 390 Yoga Education Training Society ( is also mentioned, which is connected with Saraswati Education Center.

This week two German volunteers Stefan and Julia helped preparing a healthy meal for the children: kichri (rice with lentils) and fried potato. After the meal the volunteers did all the dishes.

These days the children are coming for classes two times per day: in the morning and early evening. Nearly all of them have a job between these classes and have to go to work after school. They clean houses, help in shops, or work on the ghats selling postcards to help their family.

Monday, September 26, 2011

The children who come to the centre do not have enough money to eat well in their homes so three days a week we provide food for the children here. Volunteers help prepare and serve thali consisting of rice, dal, salad, pickle and chapati so that children can get good energy to start their day! We hope to be able to provide food everyday in the near future.

Upstairs we have a yoga studio where people from around the world come to do yoga teacher training or drop-in classes. We also have many ayurveda services and reiki healing.

Many of the children must work to provide income for their families. These girls here sell bindis and post cards and make beautiful henna designs on volunteers and other tourists' hands. Others do cleaning and servant work in wealthy households or work in shops.

One little girl, Riya, is presenting a volunteer with a necklace. All the children in the centre are laughing and having fun.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Ritual & Foods for the kids

In These month Spanish group they came for Volunteering work and we organize for ritual program for wellness of all kids and upcoming all volunteers for better life, In these pooja as you can see also in the pictures we organize for each kids + each voluIteer for 10 minute ritual, It was good experience for all of us and we will do it continue in near future too...

Food is very important for everyone and good food is useful for human bodies so this reason we are providing all kids now Rice+ dal + Chapati + Vegitable curry ( we call sabzi ). In a day one time we provide healthy food, In their"s hard life strong food is important to fighting whole day"s tough work.

All kids are feeling very happy after these programs at ngo of Varanasi, We will do it continue, Just you all pray for happiness of children and Varanasi volunteering organization.

Friday, August 5, 2011

July month's activities

July in Varanasi was a very rainy month and the Ganga's water was at an extremely high level. This meant that many of the children who attend our project were unable to sell postcards and candles on the Ghats as they would usually do in order to support their families financially. During July we had a volunteer from Spain named Sandra come to visit. Sandra spent 2 weeks with us and during this time shared many new ideas, lead various activities and the children loved having her around.

Last week, Akash who is deaf was seriously ill, however, after seeking treatment from a doctor the good news is that Akash is now well and we pray that he continues to be in good health.

With the Ganga's water now decreasing and the weather in Varanasi getting cooler we are now hoping that there will be many more volunteers to visit us during the months to come.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Last 2 weeks we did Hygenic program at our society, In this work volunteer from Belgium has also given her full support. First week we taught all the kids importancy of cleaning. We have explained them we should to keep ourself clean every time it is good for us in 2 way first we will get good health & people will like. Mostly children come at our center from slums/ poor background family and there is no value of hygenic. In this way we try to send the message from kids to families also.

In these pictures kids are learning how to clean our body everyday. We taught them in day two times morning and the evening time we should to take shower and clean the teeth from toothbursh with paste.

For giving them support we have distributed 65 pieces of brush, toothpaste, soap, Dettol liquid for each kids. It was good experience for all of us and we hae enjoyed it.

Friday, June 3, 2011

May month....

first picture is kids with volunteers.
2nd I have published my Father"s picture
May month was not good for my personal life because i have lost my father he was suffering Asthma problem and 12th may evening time he died after these accident school was close for few days he was head of department in family and also school we all want to give him condolence so that his soul could get peace. Today i am Somit ( a man who is helping for social project ) the reason is my father"s has given me good education of life....
About School kids they all are coming again in the school last month USA college student group came and they have given their"s best energy with the kids... and support also for the cleaning the school and played with the kids also. At morning season and same evening season kids group also...

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Volunteers activities with health camp

In the past few months we have had many international volunteers offer their time, energy and skill-sets to our school and children. Volunteers from the UK, Germany and Canada have all traveled far distances to stay with us ... and the kids have been learning a great deal!
Our German volunteer, Nicolai, who is a surgeon back in his home land, provided each student with their own physical health check-up, which was a wonderful treat for all of us.
We had plenty of time playing games and learning English from our UK volunteers; and all the kids were taught yoga & value of trees by our Canadian yoga teacher, Kate!

As you can see it has been a busy time here at Saraswati Education Center, filled with much growth, excitement and help. We are so thankful for all of our volunteers and anticipate the next round of helpful hands as we continue to work towards building a better life for all children.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Banaras in March

07-03-2011, The students and volunteers from the Saraswati Education Center went to play a game of football. Since there is no play space in Varanasi to play a physical game, the leaders made a plan to use the sand across the ganga. We took a boat across the ganga and played for two hours. The students had a great time and learned the game of football. There were volunteers and visitors from France, Japan, and USA. There were a lot of videos and photos taken of the day. In all the pictures you can see how much fun the children and volunteers are having. You can also see the real children of Varanasi come alive while playing in a “real” play space. Our volunteers and children really enjoyed seeing the city of Varanasi from the other side of the ganga; it was the first time for the children of the center to take a boat across the ganga. The city looked beautiful and spiritual in the morning light. We also explained them why we call Varanasi by two others name Kashi, Banaras,

Thursday, February 17, 2011

lucky children at the pooja ceremony

The literal meaning of Puja (Pooja) is adoration. It is an all-purpose term used to denote the many stages of ritual action that compose worship in Hindu culture. The derivative meaning is thought to be from Pu-chey, 'flower-action,' and refers to the act of offering flowers to the deity.

Puja is the ceremonial act of showing reverence to a God or Goddess through invocation, prayer, song, and ritual. An essential aspect of Puja is communion with the Divine. The worshiper believes that through this contact she or he has established direct contact with the deity. This contact is facilitated through an image: a sculpture, painting, or print. Through this Puja and the image, a Hindu worshiper invites the presence of the deity with his or her cosmic energy. And thus, in the eye of devotees, the icon then becomes the deity, whose presence is reaffirmed by the daily rituals of honoring and invocation.

The principal aim of any Puja is the feeling of personal contact with the deity. Generally, special communication with a deity is made through the intervention of a Brahmin Hindu priest during a strictly regulated ritual in the temple or home. During Puja, the Divine presence is invoked by which the devotee obtains blessings.

At the 8th of March, we were celebrating this day with the children with a big and colorful buffet of fruits, vegetables and sweets. All the children, especially the girls, wore beautiful dresses and enjoyed the day.