Friday, August 5, 2011

July month's activities

July in Varanasi was a very rainy month and the Ganga's water was at an extremely high level. This meant that many of the children who attend our project were unable to sell postcards and candles on the Ghats as they would usually do in order to support their families financially. During July we had a volunteer from Spain named Sandra come to visit. Sandra spent 2 weeks with us and during this time shared many new ideas, lead various activities and the children loved having her around.

Last week, Akash who is deaf was seriously ill, however, after seeking treatment from a doctor the good news is that Akash is now well and we pray that he continues to be in good health.

With the Ganga's water now decreasing and the weather in Varanasi getting cooler we are now hoping that there will be many more volunteers to visit us during the months to come.

1 comment:

  1. Great is the dedication of Sandra.
    And also nice to hear about the hardwork done, to make candles and postcard and sell it. It shows the self independent.

    Hats off for you all.