Thursday, July 27, 2017

July 2017 , Volunteers are giving help in Classroom , Varanasi, India

Kids are Happy to see Friendly Volunteer in our organization.

Our Volunteers are showing Important things in her Tab and kids are learning from it.

Very Friendly and helpful volunteer is teaching in classroom .

Volunteer is helping to make a art to these little boy and boy is also learning with full concentration .

Everyone in classroom are doing drawing as our volunteer teacher has given to lovely children of Saraswati Education Center, Varanasi, India .

Both Volunteers are teaching about the Numbers 1, 2 , 3 .... and they are teaching showing in mobile and tab...

Every morning we  give foods and that time Volunteers are showing the meaning in English by the help of google image.

Volunteer is looking first time the foods in Varanasi and asking to the children what is these ?

Children are very glad to eat the morning foods , because as you know the children they love spicy foods and we made Puri, Sabzi & Jalebi :-)

Our volunteers brought Nail polish and giving to every girls and some booys also took it :-)

It is last minute picture with our volunteer and some children of classroom .

Kids are sad and giving hug for her great help and support in classroom for one week.

Our new Volunteer from Netherland is helping in the classroom to make drawing.

Our little children are making very deeply good painting and it is possible by our volunteer thank you for your good help in the classroom of Varanasi, India .

Our older boy is making painting in classroom.

Our school one kids made very good drawing in the class.

 Chidren are in photo shoot .

Kids are playing in our activities room , same building 3rd floor.

Volunteer is helping in their"s game . Very good time Thanks every Volunteers and Viewers.