Thursday, June 21, 2012

5D movie with children & volunteers

Kids waiting in line to watch the 5D Time Machine movie.  It was only a 15 minute movie but was full of fun!  Volunteers Sophie (UK), Roberto & Estiabilez (Spain) accompanied the kids on this field trip.

Movie worker has given everyone special 5D glasses to wear as they said it will not be safe to view the movie with bare eyes.

After the movie finished, the children posed for a mini photo shoot with the McDonald statue at the restaurant on the ground floor of the mall.  Then we all went in to McDonalds to treat the kids to lunch.

Volunteers from Canada came to our center and played a balloon game with the kids. It was such an interesting time with all of them.  They were here only for few hours but in that time, they have given lots of love and happiness to all the kids.

We hired 5 auto ricksaws to take the kids accompanied by volunteers to and from the movie theater.  All the children seemed very glad for this trip!  The 5 auto ricksaws took over a whole road for a little competition of auto ricksaw.  The children were cheering and were so excited.

A group photo of some of the kids and volunteers outside of IP Mall Varanasi after the movie.