Saturday, August 27, 2011

Ritual & Foods for the kids

In These month Spanish group they came for Volunteering work and we organize for ritual program for wellness of all kids and upcoming all volunteers for better life, In these pooja as you can see also in the pictures we organize for each kids + each voluIteer for 10 minute ritual, It was good experience for all of us and we will do it continue in near future too...

Food is very important for everyone and good food is useful for human bodies so this reason we are providing all kids now Rice+ dal + Chapati + Vegitable curry ( we call sabzi ). In a day one time we provide healthy food, In their"s hard life strong food is important to fighting whole day"s tough work.

All kids are feeling very happy after these programs at ngo of Varanasi, We will do it continue, Just you all pray for happiness of children and Varanasi volunteering organization.

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