Monday, September 26, 2011

The children who come to the centre do not have enough money to eat well in their homes so three days a week we provide food for the children here. Volunteers help prepare and serve thali consisting of rice, dal, salad, pickle and chapati so that children can get good energy to start their day! We hope to be able to provide food everyday in the near future.

Upstairs we have a yoga studio where people from around the world come to do yoga teacher training or drop-in classes. We also have many ayurveda services and reiki healing.

Many of the children must work to provide income for their families. These girls here sell bindis and post cards and make beautiful henna designs on volunteers and other tourists' hands. Others do cleaning and servant work in wealthy households or work in shops.

One little girl, Riya, is presenting a volunteer with a necklace. All the children in the centre are laughing and having fun.

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  1. Wow! It’s great! There is a conscious and active effort to reduce the boundaries and increase the teamwork between staff and volunteers. Each individual encourages and respects the contributions of others.
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