Thursday, March 10, 2011

Banaras in March

07-03-2011, The students and volunteers from the Saraswati Education Center went to play a game of football. Since there is no play space in Varanasi to play a physical game, the leaders made a plan to use the sand across the ganga. We took a boat across the ganga and played for two hours. The students had a great time and learned the game of football. There were volunteers and visitors from France, Japan, and USA. There were a lot of videos and photos taken of the day. In all the pictures you can see how much fun the children and volunteers are having. You can also see the real children of Varanasi come alive while playing in a “real” play space. Our volunteers and children really enjoyed seeing the city of Varanasi from the other side of the ganga; it was the first time for the children of the center to take a boat across the ganga. The city looked beautiful and spiritual in the morning light. We also explained them why we call Varanasi by two others name Kashi, Banaras,

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