Sunday, September 30, 2012

Studying time Slums and Local center With our Volunteers

Our Japaneese Volunteer is teaching small kids.

Our Two best Spanish Volunteers are teaching math intresting way so that children coul take fun and learn.

Our The Netherland volunteer is finding pen, pencil and book in our store keeping box for giving the kids education.

Our Volunteer Alexandra From United Kingdom is providing math lesson to our school kids.

Our Korean Volunteers is teaching weeks name in English to our two cute children.

Our Slums children are ready to write after looking our white board where volunteer is giving work for them.

Our Two Spanish volunteer are giving their"s time for our kids for learning.

It is the picture when our Spanish Volunteers group has visited our Slums school , here we are preparing to go inside our lovely small study room.

Our School boy is trying to solving the math which has given our volunteers we call each kids and say to try to solve it, In these way they get confidence power + their"s teach skill also improve for other small kids so that in future they could teach other kids too .

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