Friday, December 14, 2012

Indian + Foreign volunteers


In the last month we have had Indian volunteers working alongside foreign volunteers, and everyone is very happy. We have Samiskha from Delhi volunteering with us currently, working both in our local centre, and our slum centre. We also have had Christina from Spain volunteering with us who has helped with providing food, nutrition, love and care for the children. Christina reminded one of our children called Dipu of his mother who has passed away, so him and Christina developed a very close bond. Dipu was very sad when Christina left. Dipu's father has also passed away, and he currently lives with his Aunty who unfortunately treats him very badly. We are looking for someone to adopt Dipu so he can have a happy, well loved life. To adopt Dipu would involve supporting Dipu financially so he can attend boarding school, therefore he can receive a good education and have a happy and safe living environment. For further details on how you can help please contact Somit.                                                                      

Our Indian Volunteer Samiksha from Delhi is doing here volunteer internship program for 2 weeks in our both Centers.

Our slums school kids in these photo.

Our Indian Volunteer Jagan Ji, with the kids, actually he did work for short time but he has given donation in the school for the food of kids.

Our Italian volunteer Samantha is teaching our local center.

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