Thursday, January 3, 2013

2012 X-Mas & 2013 New year with the school kids

X-Mas 2012 & 2013 New Year , We have decorated the school as you can see volunteers from USA, UK & Germany peoples were present on that occasions and they have given their"s best support and happiness for everyone.

 Volunteers From UK , MS Annie has donated the clothes and we are distributing in each of kids.

Our Indian Volunteers has donated here , her dolls and New year Eve. we have distributed all the kids:-)

 In the Yoga room kids are doing Yoga practices as you can see in the pictures ... seniors kids are teaching younger one.

 We have organized Football match on Ganga other side ... we have made two teams and it is picture of one team with one volunteer from UK & founder somit with lovely boys.

We have distributed the all kids in two teams and after that we have started to play the football match it was full of fun and entertainment.

 For going Ganga other side we have hired one big boat. Volunteers paid all the cost of these game we are thankful for them.

It is group picture in the yoga room after distributing the games for the kids which has brought the French group from the France.

In the New Year we have organized Music for volunteers and school staffs was present on that moment.
              We are warm welcoming New Year 2013, and praying that everyone will get healthy + wealthy + happy life :-)

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