Friday, November 16, 2012

Movie, Shoes Distribution & Diwali/light Festival

Children are going by walk to see movie in the theater and whole program has organized and finance too by Zach Jacoby, volunteer from USA.

Kids are walking on the street with caring with volunteers.

 In Our Slums center too Mr. Zach Jacoby has donated 30 shoes and shocks for both boys and girls.

 We have divided the shoes for girls and boys and after that we started to distribute first girls.

We are taking measurement of the kids leg and dividing the shoes by  name.

After distributing the girls shoes now term was boys they were very excited and fighting for taking first as happens between the kids and we have taken some pictures. More pictures you can see in our facebook.

We are Distributing light Cracker to the kids on the Diwali festival.

Children & Volunteers are celebrating light festival ( Diwali ) in our Local center, I have bought Crackers and distributed all the kids in our both centers and they all were very happy.

Volunteers took also enjoyment with playing crackers and we have decorated all the buildings with the light, it was looking so beautiful our center and old city Varanasi. Whole Varanasi city was full of light on the roof top, shop and everywhere.

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