Saturday, November 30, 2013

Wonderful time in Varanasi with Volunteers

Rooftop Bowl of Compassion ( Cafe ) where older boys and girls make food for the guests & now days it is running 2nd Rank in TripAdvisor. In picture it is Fried Dal, Cucumber Raita & Mix Vegitable.

Vegitable Biryani made by Bowl of Compassion young boys and girls they are super cook the foods.

Aniket children leader of the class is distributing the morning foods for all children, look very responsible.

Children seem very happy after getting dolls, candy, colors from our volunteers.

Our American Volunteers couple are teaching yoga technique they both are professional dance expert.

Before start Dance classes doing some yoga step with kids in our yoga education training society studio in Varanasi.

Children are now learning dance movement with our dance Expert from USA.

These one step is for eye dance and kids are trying to follow it with our volunteers.

Kids are saying Namaste to our volunteers who has given important time in our project in Varanasi.


  1. Education and Classes for kids requirements vary by the state, but typically includes the completion of education,art classes, Kids Yoga or exercise classes and experience credit hours in early Childhood.

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