Sunday, January 12, 2014

X-Mas & New Year 2014

On the X-Mas day morning time we went for distributing warm clothes.

Near the Ganga just opposite the lane poor peoples we have donated blanket.

 Same day early morning we distributed Jeans Trousers to poor peoples around the ganga.

Our Society Member and volunteers are giving warm blanket these old lady .

 Volunteers are playing with the kids, they all are happy.

 Both Volunteers from UK given there best energy in our program.

 X-Mas Occasion Children made X-Mas Tree on the paper it look beautiful as u can see in these picture.

 X-Mas & New year we have decorate whole house with the volunteers and given present to the kids.

Full Group Picture with kids and the volunteers from our organization.

It is one snap when teacher was not in the class and i was attending in place of teacher.


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