Sunday, June 30, 2013

Street dog project & Children Education

Our Volunteer is teaching small groups of kids Alphabets in English.

Kids are following our volunteers guidelines in under guidance of regular teacher

We have started Computer awareness program for girls and they are learning with our teacher.

 Our Computer teacher is teaching the kids and Japanese volunteer is teaching Japanese language to our older kids.

Two days ago we went looking for the dogs on the streets to give them medicines for their skin disease. We found approximately 12 dogs that will for sure thank our help !
Our new goal is to feed these dogs at least one time each day! For that we really need your help, any donation will help us ! We are also looking for vets to come and help us with the dogs diseases.

For more info please contact us via e-mail , any help will change things here :)

Our Voluteer Jimena Bro Guerresi is helping with us in Dogs caring project.

Dogs are feeling well with egg and medicine.

 In our evening group teacher and kids.

Our Volunteer Jimena Bro Guerresi has brought dog"s food From Mexio and it is useful for the street dogs, She has also helped in the project.

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