Wednesday, October 28, 2015

India , Varanasi, October month with slums and our local center Children & Volunteers

Slums program children after finish the class in photo season.

Our slums children they help their"s parents in the ganga for cleaning. We saw morning time and took the picture.

Children from Slums always very glad if our volunteers take picture.

In our local center volunteer with children in playing time.

Our Volunteer has donated Notebook, Pen pencil , Eraser for our local center, Thanks.

In the teaching time volunteers from Classroom.

Children are taking foods in our local center.

Very Happy moods these children with our volunteers photo season .

Our smart little children is teaching everyone in the class room Hindi Alphabet.

All children are focusing in the classroom study time .


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  3. As I surf the internet, I found out this post and it's very inspiring to see that there are people who willing to help children in need and other unfortunate people. God bless to everyone!

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