Sunday, September 28, 2014

Kids, Volunteers , Street animals in Varanasi, India

Our lovely education program children with Brazilian volunteer Aline.

She is 7 years old girl deaf , she can not speak and cannot listen but she is very good in drawing + smart too.

Our school children are in happy mood after celebrating farewell party for our USA volunteer Allie.

It is picture of before farewell party children and organization of the school has done it very secretly for the volunteer and she was very happy with these surprise.

In our street animals caring program our Japanese volunteer is giving food.

Our Japanese & USA volunteers are take caring of street dog"s puppies.

Our group volunteers came in the school for supporting and they were totally 20 members.

In these group member all volunteers were very friendly and glad to meet with the children and children are also very happy .

Our both volunteers are making food for the street dogs with love and care.

Volunteer is playing with our school kids after finishing the class.

Volunteers are teaching in our classroom.

Whole group members are sharing their"s experience of life with our  kids and paying too.