Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Festival time & Volunteering, Varanasi, India

In our street animal caring program we are giving food to street dog"s puppy we brought them in our office given full food.

In Durga pooja festival occasions we are giving special food for all Kanyas ( Girls ) 

According these Ritual we should to give favorite items for the girls after giving them food and before going the house so we have given them hanky, comb, cream, bangles, hair band , lipstick, Chocolate.

In Dipawali ( light Festival ) occasions our volunteers are making Rangoli on the roof top.

Our Volunteers and children of the school are playing with light crackers in Diwali ( light ) festival.

Our Indian volunteer has also joined with children on the roof top for light crackers.

Our volunteers is teaching how we can use garbage for recycling by the example of our all guest leaving water bottles and other plastic items...

Our volunteers is solving the question of our children about the recycling of garbage in our houses. Volunteer is describing how we can make it useful.

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