Friday, December 12, 2014

Education, Volunteers & Creation.

 Children are eating fresh healthy fruit

                                                  Children are waiting for the Foods.

                                           Our Volunteer has donated Hammock on our roof top.

Children also take interest in our street animals program.

                                         Volunteer has donated 2 hammock and children are enjoying it.

                                                   Street puppies, we are giving milk for growing and they are happy.

                                         Children are waiting of their"s term for fun on the hammock.

                                         One black puppy was sick so i helped to give him milk.
                                                   In our classroom children are looking white board and volunteer.

                                                    Our Volunteers are teaching English to the children.

                                                  After finish the class volunteer is distributing Snacks to the children.

                                                   Our volunteer is teaching lovely cute students of the center.
                                                   Volunteers from South Africa have donated crystal stones,
                                                    So that they could create neck-less, bracelet etc.

                                                   How to make different types of neckless, bracelet etc teaching by one
                                                     Factory man with our South African Volunteers.

                                                  Children are so excited to see our new volunteers and giving warm

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