Sunday, January 4, 2015

2014 Christmas & Happy New Year 2015 with Freezing weather at Varanasi NGO

Children are taking warm by wood fire because December & January is freezing here .

New Year 2015 We have started with lovely kids with playing and Firstly we bought some ballons and we celebrate all together with happy time with lots of positive hope.

Christmas Eve we enjoyed party at our slums center with slums students. In these program we had volunteers from different countries too .

Our volunteer couple are teaching English to our school children at our local center by our book program.

Volunteer from Belgium is helping in our street dogs feeding program.

Volunteer from Brazil is also supporting in our street animals caring and feeding program.

Happy children are doing coloring in the class with our volunteer guidelines.

Volunteer from Dutch are teaching about the color and he has taken all 7 colors , children are trying to recognize and writing on the paper.

It is call talent of the kids, We are very glad the work of our slums children they have done all painting very beautiful.

They decorate also after painting , color combination is very good, They love to study as you can feel here.

Our Volunteer is teaching our slums children school kids .

Our both volunteers are doing good job at our slums center. They are teaching and also helping to solve their"s math problem super.

Our other volunteer is teaching Body parts name on our white board , Children are studying here.

On the Christmas day we have decorate our places with full of love and our best efforts with organize cake, samosa, gift & drink and children are enjoying it

Children are very Glad in Christmas party as you can see in these Picture.

Our Volunteer from Belgium is very glad to teach our lovely and intelligent student from our local center.

Christmas time at Slums with Christmas tree.

Our children from Slums place of Varanasi are describing their"s painting to our volunteer.
                             Thanks a lot everyone who has participated in past all years , In new Year 2015 we welcome everyone to contribute your love, support & blessing, Your small investment of time and love can give hundreds children faces smile , So come up and write to me e.mail for joining / help.

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