Monday, January 19, 2015

USA students group Health Assessment volunteering , Education , Game & Distributing Blankets to poor peoples

Our USA volunteer is checking school children health at our society.

American medical college students have given health check up our each students.

 Our USA volunteers are teaching also our school kids.

Our American volunteer is helping to check up ears our each children of school.

All medical students have divided in two groups and whenever they feel any problem in our children health they take suggestion their"s seniors for better treatment.

Our These little student has stomach problem long time so volunteer is helping to solve her problem.

Students group member are helping in our class room .

Our little student got injured in classroom so volunteer is giving medicine.

Our student has breathing problem so volunteer is giving complete check up to him.

Our small children taking fun with volunteers as you can see in these picture.

our most mischief boy has also taken treatment by pretending we said these boy taking your picture look here and given treatment.

Our Students have given hand made painting as a small present to our USA volunteers group members.

With all volunteers and students are going ganga  other side for playing.

Volunteers are distributing shoes small children of the school.

Children are very glad after getting the shoes from the volunteers of USA.

We have distributed clothes to every children.

This boy is very glad after getting warm clothes.

We are going to distributing blankets in poor peoples camp at the morning time.

Morning 6:30 AM we went near the slums area and distributed blankets .

Our Japanese volunteers are teaching our school children.

Distributing foods at morning time for the kids and volunteers.

Children are very glad to get morning breakfast at our center. 


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