Tuesday, May 25, 2010

summer vacation for children & new season

Varanasi is now heating temperature is running nearly 46-49 degree so we have decided to give holiday to children at least one an half weeks after we will see if weather be fine then we can restart... new season for the kids will also start form that time ... some more new kids want to come and they do't want to wait... right now we have not any volunteer and we are finding new volunteer if they could join us ... we welcome ....


  1. Summer vacation is a good thought, But along with it, you can also organize some good camp, where childrens are made to think intellectually or creatively and bring up their inner talent what they have, Indeed to say, To bring up them such that, they come to know, what does science is all about, from their view point, Allow them to think, than we preaching/teaching them.
    its not only science, it can also be in arts and cultural fields also, but allow childrens to come with their thought.
    I would glad to know about your future works, I would join with these childrens one day.

  2. thank you a very good idea we will work on it ...and yes it will our pleasure if you will join us .... thanks a lot keep in touch ...