Sunday, June 27, 2010

school information of India

Our summer program has finished and we are now preparing for our new season that will begin Thursday, July 1st to mirror the new season that always starts in July in India. We have many eager new students, but need more volunteers to accommodate as many children as possible. Our dream project is moving forward with your support and encouragement.

Above are some pictures of summer vacation with the volunteers and kids.
Picture 1 - Somit is with two children that live in the slums
Picture 2 - Two children playing
Picture 3 - Three slum children
Picture 4 - Somit with Japanese Volunteer, Sayaka
Picture 5 - Volunteer Mr. Bryan Snell from USA, Amit,
Chelsea & Somit
Picture 6 - Children are playing with balloons
Picture 7 - Volunteer Madam Cynthia with some children
Picture 8 - Volunteer Chelsea with kids

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