Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Children with volunteer

last few days here we had 5 volunteer in the school Thierry Rabouam , Cecile Rabouam, Celestinc Rabouam, Charlotte Rabouam, Pat Rabouam... with these volunteer children has taken lots of fun and they also have taught children . yesterday we went ganga other side with volunteers and children and we organised there football match... actually children they never play in open place and not football so every children they liked it too much ... and football match middle time they have also distributed fruit juice, biscuit, we all played and enjoy this good memory in our mind ... we went ganga other side by the Boat. we hired a boat for 3 hours.
After returned from there they went to buy one Computer desktop. This desktop Thierry, Cecile, Celestinc, Rabouam, Charlotte & Pat have given donation for the children because they could learn computer. Thank you very much for this donation. it will be very good for the children progress. In future we will try to increase more computer for the children and also will work more good for the project.. Again thank you.

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